NY Yankees player got Covid, recovered naturally, took the "vaccine", and got infected again

Proving in a very public way the so-called vaccines do little or nothing to stop transmission of SarsCoV2, shortstop Gleyber Torres has become ill along with 7 other team members this week, after they had all been injected with J&J's product recently! What's even more incredible? His immune system had already naturally defeated the virus once before! Why he took a vaccine for an illness he had natural antibodies against, is unknown, but it likely was team policy. Would he have still gotten infected again, if he hadn't taken the vaccine? We can't know that, now. But one thing we can know for sure is THESE "VACCINES" DO NOT STOP TRANSMISSION!


CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta said today, "We keep thinking of this country as a vaccinated and an unvaccinated country. It's slowly going to turn into a vaccinated and an infected country." In other words; vaccinated people don't get infected, but unvaccinated people are a problem. Fauci continues to insist that vaccination is the way to stop transmission and end the pandemic. Biden, Trudeau, and other figureheads repeatedly announce that the vaccines are the only way forward - our only hope of keeping the SarsCoV2 virus out.

And yet time and time again, we see that these shots do NOT keep the virus out. And that makes sense, because they weren't designed to!

Still think the vaccines protect people from infection?

Look at the most-vaccinated place on the planet, Seychelles, a country of 100k people that is now 71% fully vaccinated, having started earlier than anywhere else, at the very start of January. Immediately, their case counts went from 1 or 2 people daily to hundreds daily, and where they'd had zero deaths all 2020, they've now already had dozens of deaths in 2021!

In Seychelles, nearly half of all new infections are in people who are fully vaccinated! These injections do nothing to stop the pandemic as a whole, and nothing to stop the virus infecting individuals. In fact, they cause your body to create spike proteins, which have now been discovered to actually be the CAUSE of Covid-19!

One of the big stars of tennis, Novak Djokovic, has repeatedly spoken out against the Covid vaccines, advocating for athletes to be given the chance to opt out of vaccination. He has been criticized by the media for his stance, and professional tennis organizations have responded by insisting the vaccines are safe and effective.

"Breakthrough" infections (infections in vaccinated people) will be less severe and spread less easily to others, says CNN, ignoring the glaring fact that no team outbreaks occurred over the past 16 months, but suddenly happened this week once the team had been vaccinated. Woops, hopefully their readers aren't paying attention to facts and details.

Evidence has trickled in, and is now piling up - the vaccines do NOT work, and may in fact be very dangerous, both to individuals and to communities. Meanwhile, censorship keeps the majority of people from knowing these simple facts, as the mainstream media continues to pump out blatant lies in an effort to continue the rushed vaccine rollout.

Anyone who willingly takes these products should immediately be deemed a danger to themselves and others, and removed from society. But pro-vaxxers want it to be the other way around - they want anyone who doesn't comply to be subjugated and destroyed. In Canada, we're rolling out the military to deal with the unvaccinated. When guns get involved in medical desisions, you know something isn't right.

The CDC says they're investigating the curious case of the New York Yankees, and don't know how this could have happened. "All Covid vaccines are safe and effective," they somehow manage to repeat with a straight face.