Lockdown for unvaccinated people in North BC Canada... and it won't stop there!

People who didn't take the Covid injections living in Northern British Columbia are now forbidden from socialization, meeting, eating out, worship, marriage, protest, and many other basic rights previously guaranteed to all Canadians. The new lockdown order comes from Dr Bonnie Henry, BC's Covid figurehead, who says Christmas might still be possible if we crack down hard on the unvaccinated. As winter comes on and cases (mostly vaccine injuries and colds) rise, the segregation of unvaccinated people will spread to the rest of the province and country. It looks like what Australia went through in the past 6 months was just a test for what is about to happen in Canada.

This new level of tyranny is previously unseen here, and in much of the Western world. All this for a hyped up flu bug with a 99.7+% recovery rate when untreated. Not to mention, a 100% recovery rate (and no serious side effects) when treated with vitamins C, D, Zinc, and Ivermectin. SEGREGATION in 2021, in order to deal with a manmade pandemic that's already over?!

Did you hear? CNN's Sanjay Gupta admitted (during a Joe Rogan podcast) they LIED about Ivermectin, making it seem unsafe and ineffective! We knew this, but the admission is huge.

India update

Here are their latest cases and death numbers, from the beginning of Covid until today, marked with the starting dates of mass-vaccination and mass Ivermectin use:

Things to note about this graph:

  1. Their trouble began when they started vaccinating.
  2. Their trouble ended when they switched to handing out free Ivermectin to households at risk.
  3. They credit Ivermectin with ending the Covid pandemic.
  4. Widespread unsupervised Ivermectin use caused no serious injuries, while the vaccination strategy hurt and killed people.
  5. Western media calls India's second wave "Delta variant" instead of "India variant" to distract from their success against it.

Ivermectin easily defeats any variant of Covid, and many other viruses. There is no reason any human should fear it. It doesn't threaten anyone but the very oldest and weakest among us, and most of us have already been exposed and become permanently naturally immune! Should anyone develop symptoms, a course of Ivermectin will make them better and prevent them from infecting anyone else. India shows us - with hundreds of millions of people involved - that the "vaccines" don't work, and that Ivermectin does. That's why it's censored, and why CNN has been lying about it. There's NO reason for these vaccine mandates or passports!

Locking down unvaccinated Canadians not only breaches their Charter rights, it normalizes segregation, discrimination, fear, and hatred. This is a recipe for either 1) genocide or 2) revolt. I personally don't want to see either of those violent outcomes, but my study of history tells me that if peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable.

Total isolation of the unvaccinated. Legalized and enforced by the state. Coming soon to the rest of Canada, and most of the Western world.

Visit family now. Not next week, now. Hold Christmas, do your shotgun weddings, say what needs to be said. You might not get another chance until next summer. Or worse.

To avoid that happening, we must unite, and stand. Now.


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