Germany demands citizens take Covid vaccine and passport to regain basic rights

75 years after communism was (supposedly) defeated at the end of World War II, German citizens are told their basic rights will not be returned to them unless they take the experimental Covid "vaccine" and carry a digital "passport" in public. Elites within the German state are busy writing up new laws to be pushed into effect this weekend, granting special privileges to cooperative citizens who roll up their sleeves for injections whenever ordered to.

"By getting vaccinated, those people now again have the possibility to live out their basic rights," said the Justice Minister magnanimously.

Once vaccinated, German citizens carrying the digital "vaccination passport" will be permitted to buy and sell, move about with some degree of freedom inside the country, enter public places, and travel abroad (after obtaining additional permission).

They will also be allowed to meet with other vaccinated people in private. (But how could a law against private contact be enforced, anyway?)

Vaccinated people will still have to wear masks and remain social distanced when around unvaccinated people, or in situations where it's not possible to know the vaccination status of others. This sets up a requirement for vaccinated people to carry a "passport", granting them rights and access others don't get. And these passports will have to be digital, carried as an app in a smart phone, supposedly to prevent anyone who isn't vaccinated from getting these rights and access.

Wait a minute, is that freedom?

Or is that just fascism all over again?

( Famous scene from Casablanca )

"Papieres, bitte!!"

It's not really a laughing matter, but if you don't smile now and then, you'll go crazy. All the parts of the communist manifesto are now in place, in the very countries that gave everything to drive back that ideology.

It is funny, though, that Israel beat Germany to it. They've had a digital "vaccine" "passport" for a few months now. Want to eat? Make sure you've got your digital proof of vaccination! Their society was already an apartheid one, thanks to their treatment of non-jewish people. Now it's splitting even further, over their treatment of non-vaccinated people. Unreal.

And this is the model for Canada, USA, Australia, Europe, and anywhere else the evil empire's tentacles touch.

Bolshevism, Marxism-Leninism, fascism, communism, call it what you will. This is totalitarianism. This is tyranny.

The conspiracy theorists were right - it's a globalist technocratic takeover.

Rights that can be granted or removed aren't rights, they're privileges. Real human rights are inalienable - they can't be taken away or granted. They come with us by birthright, and exist with us until after we die. Nothing - not even the worst health emergency you can imagine - can take away those rights, or infringe on them in any way.

We must claim and defend those rights. The government is not there to keep us free - that's up to us!

Another important aspect we can't forget is that THESE ARE NOT REALLY VACCINES, and don't guarantee immunity to SarsCoV2 (the virus that causes Covid). They were designed as symptom blockers, that's all. The companies themselves admit that openly. It's only the media (and certain parts of the state) which are continuing the ruse, and keeping the majority of people in the dark. But the fact remains, these shots do NOT mean you won't get the virus, and they do NOT mean you won't pass it on to others. The pandemic will rage on - perhaps even more fiercely than before, since the vaccinated have a false sense of security/immunity.

We are being coerced, pressured, and bribed to take a risky shot, which won't stop transmission of the virus, so we can rejoin a society akin to 1939 Germany's fascism, but on digital steroids.

You can consider me more than just "hesitant"!

Here's the daily Covid death count for Germany, current as of last night:

About 28% of the German population has taken the shot, and they're doing everything to get that up. Why the rush, though? Their second wave is over, and if this is their third wave, it's almost too small to see on the graph.

If these so-called vaccines are supposed to prevent deaths, and the numbers are low already, why the urgency to vaccinate the unwilling, the healthy, and the young?

This all makes sense if we realize:

It was never about controlling viruses. It was always about controlling humans.

Germany should know better - this happened in their country just 2 or 3 generations ago!

The deep state in Canada and the USA have recently announced that both countries will be participating in the global digital vaccine passport regime. Many people still believe it's a conspiracy theory, but all it takes is 15 seconds of reading to confirm it. We are all going to be expected to carry smart devices with digital verification, and receive ongoing injections of experimental gene therapies from our governments. Anyone who does not comply will be outcast at first, blamed for the pandemic and economic woes next, and eventually deleted.

It's up to us to prevent this vision of 2030 from happening. It may already be too late, but we've got to try. Let's give it 100%, starting now.

( My wife MediKatie and I, educating the public on Saturday. )