Doctor finds micro blood clots in MAJORITY of vaccinated patients just before his town is burned off the map!

Dr. Charles Hoffe of Lytton BC used a particular blood test on his vaccinated patients, and found 62% had clots! But his entire town suddenly burned to the ground, including his family practice of 28 years, his equipment, and his records. The deadly fire followed several days of temperatures nearing 50 degrees Celcius - 5 degrees hotter than the previous all-time national record! Luckily, Dr. Hoffe escaped with his life, and is telling his story. Now, other doctors around the world are working to replicate his results, and expose the fact that dangerous debilitating blood clots are NOT "very rare" as the government and pharmaceutical corporations claim!

Sound bizarre? That's not even the whole story!

Dr. Hoffe first noticed serious side-effects from the Moderna vaccine in his small town, early in 2021. Lytton had been chosen for delivery of the "vaccine" before anywhere else, because it is remote, and mostly indigenous. When Dr. Hoffe asked his colleagues if they should pause the rollout and seek clarification, he was told to shut up. He didn't, and wrote an open letter to Bonnie Henry, BC's provincial Covid figurehead. His professional college revoked his right to practice emergency medicine for "spreading vaccine hesitancy". I covered the story up until this point here, which was banned within minutes of uploading it to YouTube, but remains available elsewhere, and has become one of my most-viewed recent videos.

Fast forward a few months, and Lytton was back in the headlines again, but this time for a completely different reason - an unprecedented heatwave, followed by a sudden fire (cause still under investigation) on June 30th. Within minutes, almost every structure within the town had been turned to ash, leaving 2 dead, and about 1000 homeless, scattered throughout the region.

Dr. Hoffe surfaced just a day later, in a groundbreaking interview featuring a few other brave doctors, previously esteemed experts in their field, now censored for speaking truth to power. It's long, but I consider it a "must see" from start to finish. Even the lawyer and the host are excellent! EXPOSED - The Persecution of Canadian Physicians by Organized Medicine During the Pandemic

In that interview, and again summarized here in a separate interview with Laura Lynn, Dr. Hoffe reveals some stunning facts:

  • 75% of the vaccine makes its way into the bloodstream (the government and media claim it is 0%)
  • once there, trillions of spike proteins are generated by the normally-smooth cells lining our bloodstream
  • in cells lining our tiny capillaries, where the blood slows right down for gas exchange, spike proteins grab on to passing blood cells, causing tiny clots
  • when this happens in the heart, brain, spinal cord, or lungs, permanent tissue damage occurs, leading to illness, disability, and death
  • acting on a tip from a colleague, Dr. Hoffe gave several of his patients a D-Dimer test, which looks for recent (not old) blood clots of any size
  • more than half of patients tested, who had recently had a Moderna vaccine dose, were positive for blood clots (the government and media claim clots are exceptionally rare)


Dr. Hoffe blew the whistle on Moderna, showing that it was harming and even killing people in his small town, which had previously had no issue with Covid. He was silenced by government officials, but chose to continue investigating the issue within his community. He found more than 60% of people who had taken the vaccine recently had developed blood clots, explaining the mechanism for injury. Before he could finish his analysis, a dangerous "heat dome" centered itself over Lytton, which hit temperatures never before seen in Canada. A mysterious fire started at one end of town and burned down every building within minutes, including Dr. Hoffe's office. Government says the town is uninhabitable and nobody will be allowed back for months.

Now it's up to us to spread awareness that D-Dimer tests prove the mRNA "vaccines" are giving recipients tiny blood clots that permanently damage the heart, lungs, and brain! As more doctors duplicate these results, it will be impossible to hide the fact that these injections are responsible for the wave of symptoms and deaths being attributed to the virus!

Thank you for your bravery, and dedication to your patients and the truth, Dr. Hoffe! Please stay safe... these people will stop at nothing to see their plan to fruition.


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