China's virus and vaccine are killing millions around the world

As though weaponizing SarsCoV2 with manmade spike proteins, releasing it (accidentally or otherwise), infecting every living human, killing millions, and collapsing the global economy wasn't enough, China has now unleashed another plague of death on the planet, in the form of the Sinopharm Covid vaccine. It may ultimately kill 10 times more people than the virus.

"CHINA AID FOR SHARED FUTURE", read the boxes shipped from Shanghai to destinations around the developing world. Ramping up since March, China has given away more than a billion doses already, and plans to do at least that many more over the next few months. The goal? Inject it into every non-Western human on Earth. Europe and North America have the mRNA nightmare to deal with. Everywhere else gets pure liquid death in a vial, direct from the CCP.

After my research into Sinopharm for 3 recent posts on the topic, I concluded "Sinopharm is by far the most toxic Covid vaccine in widespread adoption. In every example, deaths surge (and continue to climb) once Sinopharm goes into use."


I was then tipped off by a reader that I should investigate the data on Uruguay.

A quick search revealed they are heavily using Sinopharm, but didn't begin vaccinations until early March. Despite being harshly locked down, and one of the most-vaccinated places on the planet, they have a worse death rate than Sweden (where there are almost no vaccines or masks, and never any lockdowns or restrictions). A dwindling number of other countries - down to just 30 now - have lost a larger portion of their populace to Covid. "Uruguay has endured the highest Covid-19 death rate in the world per capita for several weeks, despite having one of the world’s most successful inoculation drives," wrote Forbes last week. Something is seriously wrong in this little South American country!

Using official data on deaths from worldometers, and official data on vaccinations from bloomberg, we can find how they correlate through time:

That is truly ugly! Such a clear correlation between vaccinations and deaths.

If it was just this one country, you might be able to explain it away somehow. But it's everywhere they're using Sinopharm!

The urgency of the situation in those countries is hard to put into words, and the chart doesn't tell the full story. Death counts shooting up off the chart like that mean turmoil for individuals, communities, economies, and health care systems. These are countries that don't have a lot of resources to burn, so an out-of-control pandemic means widespread misery and permanent damage to the people and nation.

"All we can do is keep vaccinating more and more" is the prevailing wisdom from each and every country going through this viscous-circle crisis right now. And as they do, more people get sick and die. This leads to young children being force-vaccinated, harassment of anyone who has not yet taken the vaccine, and offers of 3rd doses to the vaccinated. Grief and pain abound, and the people are desperate for hope. The state suggests only one solution: More Sinopharm.

Billions of innocent people have been touched by a manmade virus, and are now being injected with a toxic shot of poison to finish the job. This is why people with natural immunity (who have recovered from Covid) are still being told they have to take the jabs - everybody must take the spike proteins. Antibodies aren't good enough, they've got to be loaded with spikes. It's not about immunity at all, it's about getting the injections into people (and assigning them an associated digital passport ID).

I notice the mainstream media is heavily pushing the "anti-Chinese racism" meme lately. Apparently, random violent attacks against Chinese people is a massive problem right now. Canada is being told it hates Asians, is deeply racist, and must adjust its thinking toward China immediately. I have to assume this isn't happening right now out of the blue. Looks like we're being social engineered to accept China's transgressions against the world.

Not that the USA (or Canada, or any other state) is blameless. Far from it! I believe China and the USA are actually one big country now. Sure, they don't admit that openly, but for all intents and purposes there's no difference other than the physical separation. The deep state includes China now. Everybody (except N Korea and a few others) are in cahoots. Almost all geopolitics are theater today.

The true battle in 2021 isn't between countries. The real fight is between Liberty and tyranny. Individualism and collectivism. Freedom and oppression. Sovereignty and globalism. We are divided in every possible way by the tyrants, so that we can't unite against them in Liberty. Racial division, economic division, class division, and on and on.

The state and mainstream media say the people are to blame for the sudden catastrophic spike in deaths in countries using Sinopharm. Perhaps people are complacent now they're fully vaccinated, is the suggestion. Maybe they're not isolating enough, thinking they're safe now that they've been vaccinated? "Many are flouting guidelines," claims Forbes.

Okay, let's imagine that's what it is. Blame the victims. You bad people! You shouldn't be seeing your family members or trying to scrape out a living! Shame on you!

But how could that actually be possible? Even if the people of Uruguay had returned to a TOTAL lack of restrictions, why would deaths have hit such a feverish pitch? There were no restrictions last summer, either, and thousands of people weren't dropping dead (see graph above). Hospitals weren't overwhelmed. Almost nobody was seriously ill, even though Covid was spread throughout the region. Suddenly now that vaccines are being given en masse, people are dying because they aren't locking down enough? Come on. It's embarrassing that the author thought we would buy that obvious drivel. (Then again, perhaps enough people DO believe it, that it has the intended effect? And to hell with the rest of us?)

What's actually going on is vaccine deaths are being miscounted as Covid deaths. The Chinese product is killing even more people than the Western mRNA "vaccines" (which aren't really vaccines). And China promises (threatens?) to up their free shipments of the serum to South America, Africa, and the middle East.

A study was just published that claims Sinopharm is 97% effective at preventing deaths in Uruguay. Wow, that sounds really good! But what does it actually mean? Are deaths really at only 3% of where they would have been without Sinopharm? Was Uruguay really expecting 130,000+ Covid deaths over the past few weeks? That would have been 1 in 25 people, in a short time! "97% effective" is a lie, based off bad logic and falsified data. Deaths aren't down because of Sinopharm, they're up, and in a HUGE way. If Sinopharm is saving anyone, and that's in serious doubt, it's definitely killing a LOT more than it's saving!

How could vaccines kill people?

Can a vaccine actually hurt or kill someone? Aren't they totally safe? Isn't it just a conspiracy theory that vaccines could be dangerous?

All the Covid vaccines (and gene therapy products in widespread use) work by giving your body instructions to make the SarsCoV2 spike protein. The hope is our bodies will react to the spike proteins by attacking them with antibodies, and also attack anything else with spike proteins, such as invading Sars viruses.

But since the vaccines were created, we've discovered that it's actually the manmade spike proteins that cause Covid and kill people, not the Sars virus itself! The spike proteins are deadly, no matter if they're attached to a virus, or floating freely in the body, or created by a response to a "vaccine". They invade cells and mess with the mitochondria (energy production centers), damaging and killing many body tissues. Hardest hit are in the circulatory system and nervous system. This is why we see symptoms all over the body with Covid, not just in the lungs.

So the vaccines are causing people to make spike proteins, and the spike proteins are killing them. It's truly that straightforward. Officials are scrambling to come up with any excuse for the deaths other than what actually caused them. To explain why the spike proteins created by the vaccines couldn't be leading to illness and death, "experts" are saying spike proteins created through vaccination never enter the bloodstream, and therefore couldn't be getting into people's blood vessels, brains, and organs to cause illness or death. Something tells me these "experts" are paid shills for the state and mainstream media - just a guess!

When vaccinations increase, so do deaths caused by them, and for the most part they're counted as Covid deaths. This allows the media to stoke more fear, and the state to push more vaccines into people. Only about 10% of the intended Sinopharm recipients have already been injected, but all over the developing world, tens of thousands of people are already dead because of Sinopharm, and thousands more every day. That death toll will soon be in the hundreds of thousands - or millions - if the course we're on isn't changed.

There are many other ways these vaccines are hurting and killing people. For example, our bodies naturally contain thousands of different proteins. Many of them are structurally very similar to the manmade spike proteins found on SarsCoV2. We create antibodies to fight the spike proteins the vaccines cause us to generate. You can think of antibodies as little missiles created by your body, that seek out the exact protein they're trying to eliminate, and blow them up. It works great, most of the time. But when it blows up things we need, that's called autoimmunity. A wave of autoimmune conditions is coming to the West, which isn't good, because we're already in an epidemic of autoimmunity. Something like 1 in 3 people is already suffering. The numbers are truly disturbing, and only headed higher now.

One part of the body that looks very much like a spike protein is the placenta. This organ forms during pregnancy to keep the baby alive and growing. When attacked after Covid "vaccination", miscarriage is often the result. On top of the thousands confirmed dead from injections just in the USA alone, we can add tens of thousands more unborn babies to the total.

Meanwhile in Canada

Think the mRNA products are much better than Sinopharm? Think again!

Yesterday in Calgary, Alberta, 22 people were diagnosed with Covid. The infected are patients and staff of a major hospital. The outbreak made national news, and a doctor at the hospital announced to the world "we have to vaccinate the crap out of everybody, immediately, no hesitation, two doses right now".

Today, details emerged that should shock us all.

Of the 22 newly infected, the majority were FULLY VACCINATED, and had even waited the 2 weeks to be certain they had "full immunity"! Only 3 of the infected had not been vaccinated! Either these products simply aren't working, or they're actively killing people. Or both.

The 22 newly infected people are still alive, but it's clear the mRNA injections aren't stopping the thousands of Covid variations. Much like the flu vaccine has to be changed all the time, and it still rarely prevents illness or death. Why we gambled our planetary population on a plan that was so likely to fail, is still a mystery. It's like those who made the decisions wanted this outcome.

Officials in Calgary glossed over the troubling fact that almost all the infected were fully vaccinated, instead urging people to rush in for more doses. "When it comes to the summer reopening and large events, those with two doses have really good protection, however, the risk of infection is still there. But when it comes to those with either one or no doses of vaccine, it becomes an individual decision on personal risk".

So "fully vaccinated" people are still at risk, but unvaccinated (or people with one vaccine dose) have to decide their level of risk? What horrible writing! That's the mainstream media for you!

Bottom line: Nobody is immune to the virus, but if you take the "vaccine" and survive, you get part of your freedom back, via an "immunity pass" that has nothing to do with immunity.

Just say no to killer injections disguised as cures for manmade plagues.


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