About HALF of Canadians aren't using "Vaccine Passports"!

I've reported for months that support for health passports is nowhere as high as the media claims, and new data confirms it - instead of a tiny minority, close to HALF of us will not comply with this attempt at segregating society!

My own anecdotal evidence, after attending dozens of anti-lockdown pro-freedom rallies this year, has been that the polarized divide over Covid restrictions lies somewhere down the middle. For example, judging by response to our messages by passing motorists and pedestrians, of the reactions received as many as 3/4 of them are positive and supportive. Pushback to the passport system, which went into place several weeks ago here in this province of 5.25 million, has been significant. Stories are commonplace of restaurants being bombarded with fake reservations, or angry customers storming out of venues. Business is down across the board, huge numbers of companies have folded, and the economy (which was already suffering horribly) is sliding toward collapse.

Now, fresh data released by the government - along with a few quick calculations - shows that my hunch is right, and people here are NOT complying with this discriminatory and overreaching forced societal change.

This new mainstream news announcement declares anyone without at least 2 doses injected is considered "unvaccinated" and will have their passports deactivated this week. It also reveals that as of right now, only 3.4 million in BC have even bothered to access their injection info! (Let alone actually activate it or use it.)

4.1M are eligible, so 700,000 here in BC (4.1M - 3.4M) got vaccinated but aren't using the passport! That bit of info lets us do some interesting math. Numbers are in millions.

Population of BC: 5.25
(refuse vaccination): 1.15
At least 1 dose: 4.1
(stopped at 1 dose): 0.3
At least 2 doses: 3.8
(stopping at 2 doses): ~0.3
At least 3 doses: 3.8 - ~0.3 = ~3.5
(vaccinated but no passport): 0.7
At least 3 doses AND passport: ~3.5 - 0.7 = ~2.8

Long story slightly shorter; If a similar number of people 'stop' at 2 doses as 'stopped' at 1 dose, only 3.5 million people will be considered "fully vaccinated" when 3rd doses are available to the rest of the public. Since about 700k vaccinated people don't use the passport system, only 53% of BC is entirely compliant! (And that's if the government isn't cherrypicking the stats they release.)

So, it really is somewhere down the middle. They keep referring to this entire half of the nation as "antivaxxers", only a portion of whom actually are. And they keep using the term "small but vocal minority". They claim we're an insignificant minority, and explain away the fact that we're seen and heard everywhere by claiming it's because we're just very loud and opinionated. But the real reason you see and hear resistance to the passports everywhere is simply because ALMOST NOBODY ACTUALLY WANTS THEM. They do not have the support of the people. We don't want segregation, total loss of privacy, and control of our movements. We know this is communism and tyranny, and we aren't going to accept it.

Countries like Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway have never had passports, or are getting rid of them now. England has even completely removed their passport system! And right up until those programs were scrapped, they were officially said to be vital for survival of the nation, and absolutely necessary, and being pushed relentlessly. Then, suddenly, they were cancelled and removed. Upon the announcements, people literally flooded the streets, all that day and all that night, cheering and hugging and celebrating. But until that point, we're told it's futile, we're an insignificant minority, and our only future is through compliance. But we can win - by resisting! It can be done. It MUST be done!

Canada, the USA, and the rest of the Western world must not fall to these technocrat tyrants, and once we the people regain control of our lives, anything is possible. We have an opportunity, perhaps the only one we will ever have, to take back Earth for the people, as it once was, and as it should always be. Humans are not meant to be domesticated this way.

Quebec nurses

Want more evidence people aren't okay with the passport thing? It's definitely not just here in BC. I just saw this bit of news, tucked away almost out of sight.

"...more than 4,000 OIIQ members had not been properly vaccinated and that the status of 5,716 others remained to be verified."

I don't know how many members (nurses) they have in Quebec, but that's almost ten thousand losing their jobs two days from now. For years, we've heard that the profession can't afford to lose a single nurse, and staffing shortages are already threatening to close beds and units. Suddenly they're about to fire several thousand all at once, during a supposed pandemic?

It's likely the numbers are similar in the other provinces. How could Canada possibly cope with tens of thousands of healthcare professionals in each province losing their jobs, not to mention similar numbers of firefighters, police, teachers, bus drivers, pilots, government employees, and many more? The only proposal I've heard is to bring in the armed forces to fill all those roles. Such a country isn't even worth considering. No thank you.

Instead, let's stick to our line in the sand, and not let them cross it. Government ID cards/apps for everyday life is a terrible idea, for any reason. Segregation is still wrong. Mandating people take any medication, let alone experimental vaccines, goes against all medical ethics. Censorship is being used to hide alternative treatments, to force people onto the vaccines and passports. This evil must stop.

We can force the repeal of vaccine passports in the West. Peaceful civil disobedience of unjust laws is every free person's right and duty. Resist, now, or you will forever wish you had. We are not likely to get such an opportunity again if we let this one slip.


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