10 indications Canada is about to announce NONSTOP Covid "Vaccinations"

Here comes a 3rd dose! And a 4th, 5th, and so on. Nonstop Covid "vaccinations" are coming to Canada and the rest of the world. But just months ago, the official plan was for enough people to take an optional "vaccine", become immune to the virus, and end the pandemic. Eager to escape lockdowns and masks, many consented.

But after this initial round of mass injections took place, we were told the virus had mutated, that the injections don't actually make anyone immune, and that lockdowns and masks would need to become part of life. Recently, health officials warn a fourth wave will overwhelm us unless we accept "vaccine passports" - digital IDs granting injected people more freedom. More and more Canadians are subject to mandatory injection, or lose their career and place in society. Today, we hear whispers of a 3rd dose in Canada.

Is this going to become a permanent thing, something only the craziest of conspiracy theorists (like myself) have been warning about all along? The following 10 facts sure make it look that way.

  1. Israel is already going on their 4th injections. Anyone who hasn't taken at least 3 has their immunity passport cancelled. Israel has led the way for the rest of the world.

  2. The UK just announced 3rd injections for everyone 50+.

  3. Canada just announced 3rd injections for sick elderly people.

  4. Now that passports are in effect, the bait has been taken and the hook has been set. People can be switched off if they don't comply with further injections, something already happening in places further along than us.

  5. The artificial immunity from vaccines wanes very rapidly. Antibodies in Indian recipients are dropping off after just a few months.

  6. While some official bodies of experts are saying "3rd injections are not yet necessary", none are saying they won't be necessary.

  7. Real cures for Covid continue to be censored, suppressed, and lied about. Ivermectin ended the pandemic in India as soon as they began using it, and many other countries have followed suit. Even vitamin D's role in preventing and treating Covid continues to be hidden. The "vaccines" (and now the digital passports to prove we have taken them) are said to be our only hope.

  8. Coronaviruses are known to mutate. Most experts (not on the media/govt payroll) have been warning the "vaccines" wouldn't stop the pandemic from the beginning.

  9. Moderna (widely used in Canada) just announced they're producing an injection that combines a dose of their Covid product with their "experimental flu shot". They plan to add vaccines against other viruses to the shots, which will be given about every 9 months.

  10. Canada has pre-paid for enough doses to inject every citizen dozens of times.

Ten clear signs nonstop ongoing mandatory injection is coming soon to Canada (and the rest of the Western world), and only one it isn't: "that's what crazy conspiracy theorists say!"

Then again, crazy conspiracy theorists have been the only ones who have seen ANY of this coming.


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