Where Are All the Aliens? - The Fermi Paradox and Drake Equation


The Fermi Paradox is one of those things that fits right into our "modern science". And, it seems truly meaningful, and something to ponder upon as a great mental exercise.

However, it is only because of the assumptions that are indoctrinated into us with "modern science", that we think this so.

If we give up any of these assumptions, you know, like there being no aether. That gravity hold things together. That we are circling the sun, which is a giant ball of gas. Even our idea of time, or what reality is (If you can't see it, it doesn't exist). As these things change, as we learn more, and stop believing in the grit model of universe (everything is bouncing balls), then the Fermi Paradox has one answer, and its quite obvious.

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Drakes Equation is what most scientists think of when talking about alien contact / or not.

Drakes Equation from Wikipedia

Unfortunately, it is complete bunk. This is what happens when we have people "scientists" find something and call it nothing, and have a govern-cement who is actively trying to suppress information about ETs.

R* - We are programmed to believe that stars are made up by compressing a lot of hydrogen into a big ball. Unfortunately, the electric universe believes that it is a steel ball being pushed/pulled through the galactic medium that causes it to glow. So, depending on your view upon which theories are correct, you get wildly different results.

fp - If we believe in the big bang model, we end up with a probability that is really difficult to compute, because we just haven't counted enough. If we believe the electric universe model, the only reason to have a sun is to have planets. If we believe some flat earth theories, the stars are just lights in/just above the firmament. (meaning, stars have no bearing on planet numbers)

ne - Again we have a probability that is probably meaningless. There seems to be life all over the place. Like, down in the bottom of the ocean, where it should be crushed. Next to very hot, thermal cracks, that should burn everything. There is life in Antarctica. So, we really shouldn't restrict our searches to planets that are similar to ours. It is highly probable that we find life all over this galaxy. On all the planets and even many chunks of debris floating about.

fi - What is intelligent life? Could we even recognize it? There is intelligent life that are large floating air pockets (for lack of a better word) in our atmosphere. Very few know about them. There are also angels and demons who share this plane, but not in the physical (usually). Then there is the fay and elves…

fc - This is my favorite silly wrong-science. We, thinking we are the height of civilization and science, think that radio waves are the way an advanced race would communicate. Even now, we have gone from TV through the air to TV though fiber or coax. And, in the future, we will see that EM radiation is not good for people. And we will keep our EM noise to a minimum. PLUS! aliens talk on a galactic-internet. Communicate everywhere in the universe almost instantaneously. But our science, thanks to Einstein, says you can't do that. So we don't even look. However, looking up in the sky for radio signals will only gain you something if the aliens see you doing that and send you a message.

L - the length of time a civilization uses radio wave communication is probably only 100 or so. If we look at our recorded history of barely 5000 years, we only spewed out radio waves for 1/50th of that time. So, if the existence of aliens relies on them creating and using radio waves, for a very long time, then we will never find aliens.

L and fc is for all intents zero. Or, we are looking for something that doesn't exist, because our hubris says that radio waves are the indicator of advanced civilizations. The Drake Equation fails because of assumptions, that most people believe is just normal.

The other big piece that is missing is that the Universe is a life creating device. It's job is to create life.


We haven't met ETs for two reasons

  1. We shoot them out of the sky whenever we encounter them. Very dangerous to come visit earth.
  2. We deny the experiences that have been experienced as hoaxes.

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The Fermi Paradox is weird. Because there are a LOT of abduction stories. Not a little, not a few, A LOT!

Like, in people discussing alien encounters, it should be the only thing talked about, there are that many, but we rarely discuss it, or hear of it being discussed.

The govern-cement, and the MSM, have done such a good job denying the existence of aliens. So much so, that people seeing a flying saucer will declare that it is something else. Many will run away, their mind freaking out.

So many ancient texts talk about meetings with aliens, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.

People talk about seeing UFOs all the time. There is even U-tube channels showing all kinds of strange activity on the moon. Still, many people believe they are hoaxes. And there are so many hoaxes floating around on the interwebz, that you have to question if what you are seeing is a hoax.

We will be meeting with aliens soon. We have broken out of childhood, and will start to become more wise. And so, the beings who have been watching us will start to make contact. And it will be contact with the people, not the govern-cements.

The aliens are not so naive as to think that all entities are good. And the idea of "take me to your leader" is just a weird concept. (we will think it is a weird concept too, probably in 50-100 years, as we start to understand concepts of working things out, and allowing others to be who they are)

So, absolute proof is coming. But, before then, we are probably going to see a lot of movies/videos about alien contact, AND we will see a lot of disclosure about govern-cement's involvement with aliens. How some have actively tried to shoot down ufos and get their tech, and other stories.

This is just one of the things that is going to change, radically, in the near future.

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