The Houses That Burned Down On Maui... It is all very strange


Again we have strange fires that burn buildings to the ground, turning to ash everything. This is not normal.

We have, again, melted aluminum, where the fires/temperatures barely did anything to the thin steel.

And, yet again, we have trees that seem unsinged next to building that were completely turned to ash (the excuse of the later is the fire was extremely hot_

If this wasn't enough:

  • New Maui Police Department Chief John Pelletier, is the same person who was in charge for the Las Vegas Shooting.
  • Water was turned off to these neighborhoods before the fires. And reluctantly, if at all, turned back on.
  • Children were released from school early to go back home.
  • People who were leaving the burning area were told to turn back around.
  • The govern-cement has pushed forward that they are going to acquire all this land.
  • The people who live there aren't allowed back onto their land.
  • The people still living there are harassed.
  • Everyone was approached to sell their house before the fires

The list becomes mind boggling long to be considered a coincidence.

- - - - - - -

Picture after Maui Fires (from twitter)
look at all those trees that seem perfectly find... from this fire that was supposedly started in a grove of trees.

Another after-picture of Maui Fires. (from twitter)
Not a wall standing. And the road isn't blackened.

Pictures from Komifornia fires from previous years (from Twitter)
Looks eerily similar.

- - - - - - -

Houses rarely burn to the ground like this.

Here we have a house which was specifically set on fire.

This is what a house typically looks like after a fire.
Even after burning like this:
many walls are still standing. We see bathtubs, ovens and refrigerators blackened but still standing.

We see none of that in the Maui fire.

We also cannot tell where the fire started, and how it got hotter as it moved.
You know, leaving a trail of black and slightly burned houses, going forward to more burned houses...

There is so much unusual incidences that this requires a very in depth analysis.
And since the govern-cement is avoiding doing that, and telling anyone who questions this to shut up, then it can only be assumed that the govern-cement knows who did it and how.

Just like JFK.
If it was just a lone gunman, then why did everyone on the grassy knoll die soon after?
There is only one survivor, and he was shot a couple times.
And everyone was told they were a crazy "Conspiracy Theorist" if they looked into it. Were told to stop looking into it, and if they didn't they ended up being ended.

Same pattern here.

- - - - - - -

And here is the most interesting piece of evidence

Image of unburned house in Maui (from twitter)
This house didn't burn down, supposedly, because the owner turned it into a Faraday cage.
Meaning there is a mesh of metal all around, and it is grounded into the earth.

This was not normal, and the people need to learn what happened here.

And, according to unofficial sources, there are many children who are still missing.
Official sources are saying otherwise.

- - - - - - -

All images in this post are my own original creations.

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