RE: We can fix the insanity of climate change, but should we?

I have said this before, but I will say it again. It is irrelevant if climate change is man-made or due to the natural cycles of the Earth. Climate change is negatively affecting our ability to live on this planet--not because we are not succeeding in controlling the weather, but because we are failing to accommodate our infrastructure to the changing conditions. For example, if the 'pineapple express' is going to start routinely washing out major hwys every year, then we need to build hwys that can withstand the increased weather pressure. If our farmlands are to be continually devastated by catastrophic drought, then we need to improve our farming practices and technology to ensure that we can continue to grow food. If fresh water supplies are dwindling, we need to ensure that we are properly conserving it.

A lot of this stuff is discussed, but never implemented. Many politicians will reject the idea of climate change, but not because they have a better way to solve our problems, but instead, they simply want to avoid investing in the cost of improved infrastructure-or worse even--they are accepting money from lobbyists who want to save corporate money from being spent on improved infrastructure.

Why can't we have nice things--like political leaders who want to improve our quality of life.

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