Ya'll starting to notice the mask hypocrisy yet?

As I have stated many times before, my community and county decided well over a year ago that we were not going to comply with federal or state mandates regarding basically anything related to covid. When our sheriff stepped up and said that he and his staff, which are the only law enforcement in the land, would not enforce any of the madates regarding covid, we basically got to do whatever we, as a community, decided was best.

One of the first things we did was make masks optional and get rid of all business closures and social distancing bullcrap. We were told that we would be giving a death sentence to everyone in the area especially the older folks. We were told that the hospitals would be overrun and that people would be gasping for breath in the waiting rooms as they waited for a ventilator that they were not going to receive because they were all occupied. We were told we were idiots, savages, rednecks, country-bumpkins, science-deniers, etc. You name it, we were called it.

They stopped talking about our county around a year ago because NONE OF THOSE THINGS actually ever happened.


The above image is not from my area, it was never necessary for us to protest because we were on the same page from the very start. There might be a few pro-mask folks around here and you do on occasion see a person with a mask on and they are never harassed for this. It is your choice how concerned you want to be about Covid in my community and I think that is the way that it should be everywhere. This is not just in relation to Covid but just anything in general.

Around the country there are still a bunch of "wear a mask" people and some of them have become very vigilant and even violent towards those that don't agree with them. Once again, this would never happen in my area where more than 50% of the people are legal gun owners.

However, I did find a few images that shows the lunacy of the entire mask debate.


I don't know the context of what is going on here but this is just flat-out wrong. I don't believe the statistics that are released about covid but if any of it is to be believed those little kids have about as much chance of dying from covid as they do of getting struck by lightning, winning the mega-jackpot lotto, and instantly learning how to backflip all at the same time. The maskless adults behind them on the other hand, have a much greater chance of it happening to them. I don't have any children but if one of these kids was my child, I would be more than outraged at the jagoffs in the back of the photo.


Next we have an image of the people who are probably the most likely to tell you that YOU need to wear a mask for your own safety and the safety of others before they thought the cameras were on and after they knew that they were. There are tons of images just like this involving politicians that are revealed all the time. They don't like masks any more than you do, but for some friggin reason they keep pushing for us to have them on all the time.

If you are still listening to this mask nonsense and you believe in the people in the images, especially the last one... I don't know what to tell you other than that you are beyond brainwashed and can not be helped. These people do not care about you and they do NOT believe in masks. They just seem to get their jollies from telling other people what to do.

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