Trump stays on the offensive in a humorous manner

When Trump was ousted from office I really wasn't all that surprised. The media machine had spent 5 years trying to change public opinion about the guy and kept a lot of people angry about him to the point where TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) became a very real thing. Whether or not there was cheating in the election doesn't really matter because the powers that be are never going to allow this to come to light.


The funny thing about the opposite being the case, where we actually do have a bumbling fool in office rather than just a guy who sends mean Tweets is that there is so much opportunity for comedy with Biden, yet almost no one latches on to it. If there was ever any doubt about where entertainers and the mainstream media's allegiance lies that is all gone now. Our President doesn't even know how to talk. There probably was a time that he was able to do so, but that time is not now. It's gotten to the point where the people who were constantly lambasting Trump day in and day out are simply opting to not even talk about Biden or his policies at all because they know they can't spin this enough to make him look good.

Trump still has a tremendous amount of power and I would even suggest that besides not having the Oval Office at his disposal, he might even be more powerful now than if he had won in 2020. I said a long time ago that Biden would be far more damaging to Democrats than Trump ever could be and we are seeing that happen now. Also, since Trump's fanbase hasn't really diminished at all, the man wields power to change elections anywhere in the country.

Although his social media platforms were taken away from him, he is still able to get his message out to people by various other methods and the same "mean" way that he used to speak on Twitter is still alive and well, just not on that ridiculous platform. Recently, this was forwarded to me by a friend.

Screenshot 2021-10-17 110740.png

The media has really gone out of their way to hide a lot of things as far as Biden is concerned but the fact that they turned a blind eye to the fact that Hunter "crackhead" Biden is selling artwork for half a million per canvas is just so clearly a payoff scheme for access to Daddy that if Don Jr. had done this, there would be calls for him to be put in jail and we would be hearing about it non-stop from all angles.

The way in which Trump handles this crazy situation with Hunter becoming a painter overnight is just glorious.

I wasn't really a fan of a lot of what Trump tried to do when he was in office because this is the luxury of not being hopelessly devoted to the Donkeys or the Elephants: You actually weigh each decision on its merits rather than by the person that is doing it.

I do enjoy the funny way that Trump talks about his political opponents and unlike other politicians, it is pretty evident that Trump himself is authoring these. You can be assured that Biden is not writing his own Tweets or really anything that he says or writes. Maybe Trump has a guy to ensure another "covfefe" doesn't happen again, but other than that, it is really him that is authoring this stuff and I think that is what his fans like so much about him.

I hope he never stops doing it because it is funny and also rather important that we look at Hunter's ability to sell expensive paintings.


I'm not an art guy. I went to a modern art museum once and was saying "really?" the entire time I was there both in my mind and out loud. But if you don't smell something a bit fishy in a new "artist's" paintings seeing a meteoric rise in value right around the time that said person's family member just happens to be the President, then I don't know what to tell you - you are brainwashed.

In the meantime I would really love it if Trump actually did make a painting and sell it for $2 million. I am quite certain he could get that for it as it would become a big part of history and would be representative of how absurd politics in the United States has become.

I don't think that political environment is going to improve anytime soon in the USA, unfortunately. I think it will get much worse actually. In the meantime, I appreciate a little humor every now and then.

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