Transgender woman wins golf tournament, seeks being in the LPGA next

I try my best to just let people be what the want to be. I really do not care what you do with your life and it is none of my business how you decide to live yours and how I live my life is none of your business either. I do however draw the line in the sand when your life choices negatively impact the lives of other people - and no, I am not talking about their feelings - I'm talking about real impact.

Hailey Davidson before and after

Although it was just a small tournament in Florida that Hailey won, she has her sights set on entering into LPGA tournaments as a woman and as of now, the LPGA has no restrictions that a person needs to have been born female in order to compete.

Notice how I referred to Hailey as "she" and "her"? This is because I don't have anything against transgenders at all. If that is the way you want to live your life I say go for it. It is not for me or anyone else to decide what you do with your private parts. I honestly do not care. If one of my friends were to decide one day to get gender reassignment surgery and become a woman or vice versa, I would have absolutely no problem with referring to them as a woman even though just a few years back they were a man.

There is a common misconception that I believe is intentional that conservatives are all transphobic. I have absolutely no problem at all with people being transgender. I just don't think that said individuals should be allowed to compete in the female division of sports.

I don't care what you do with your life but when you start having people that were born men competing in sports against women, this is a very unfair thing to do.


Here we see CeCe Telfer competing in the 400 meter hurdles where she beat her nearest competitor by a full second and a half. While CeCe claims that being transgender offered no benefits to he victory I think you have to be pretty thick in the head to actually believe that is true.

Imagine being a biological woman and being really good at a sport. You're future looks bright and you have a chance to do something great with your life but then transgender athletes come in and dominate the sport you USED to love. It's gonna be a bit demoralizing and can definitely have negative impacts on your future including potential scholarships and inclusion in competitions such as the Olympics.

The Olympics as it stands now is still weighing (pun intended) their options as far as allowing transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard to compete in the upcoming Olympics as a woman. Technically she is allowed to compete if her testosterone levels are below 10 (on some sort of scale - I'm not a scientist) but the thing about this is that a biological female has a testosterone level of less than 1.

The look of joy on the 2nd and 3rd place competitors says it all!

Now lets go back to golf. Hailey Davidson has been through a lot of tough stuff in life including being born with a deformation that eliminated him (later her) from competing in most sports. Before transitioning to female, he was unable to win tournaments. Now, as a woman, she is doing quite well and now has sights on the top women's golf association in the world. I'm not ashamed to admit that if she is allowed into said tournament, I will be rooting against her.


I do not care if you want to be transgender, but the world needs to stop pretending that men, even after taking hormone therapy don't have a massive advantage over women when it comes to athletics. Young women's sports futures are being destroyed by this social justice movement and I'm sorry if this hurts anyone's feeling out there, but it shouldn't be allowed. If you want to be transgender go ahead and do so! I promise not to mock you because what you do in your own life is none of my damn business.

Dave Chappelle addressed this issue in a stand up special that really made me laugh. He said "what if LeBron James determines he is a woman? Does he stay in the NBA or does he go over the WNBA where he will score 840 points a game?"

Being opposed to biological males competing in women's sports is not transphobic. It simply just isn't fair to the actual biological females that this sort of thing is happening.

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