The Biden "mask threat" Tweet will be ignored where I live

There is very little doubt in my mind that this Tweet was not actually made by Biden himself. He certainly has a PR team that does all of his communication with the public on his behalf including his scripted speeches and "press conferences" that were so obviously arranged beforehand that no one with any objectivity would believe there are off the cuff meeting with real questions that he wasn't made aware of beforehand.

When this Tweet came out, a lot of people reacted negatively to it


Now I want you to imagine for a second that our ex-President did something similar in that he was issuing an ultimatum to the entire country in a rather threatening manner. The media would have been all over it and calling him a dictator-nazi-bigot-racist-dictator for having done so. Instead, the media either has completely ignored it, do a puff-piece on it, or simply have a post on their website with no op-ed elements to it whatsoever.

If Trump had done this, there would be riots in the street that the local authorities would just allow to have happen, streets would be painted and sponsored by the local governments, and the news stations would dedicate all day, every day, to pointing out how awful it is that a sitting President would threaten the entire country in this sort of fashion.

As far as where I live goes and I have mentioned this for quite some time, we don't do masks here and haven't for quite some time. Our community decided long ago that we were not going to comply with Governor Cooper or The White House's directives a long time ago, even when Trump was in power. We just decided that we weren't going to obey and the sheriff was on our side as far as this went and publicly announced that he would not enforce any mask/ gathering mandates while simply encouraging people to be sensible.

A few of the local businesses still wanted people to wear masks and we responded by not shopping there: It's as simple as that really.

Now while I am sure that Biden doesn't even know how to login to Twitter let alone make a post, the fact that this was sent from his official account is exactly the sort of thing that would get a conservative banned from the platform or at least have the account suspended for a while and the Tweet would be forcibly removed. The bias is quite clear.

I don't use Twitter and while I dabbled with it in the past and I probably still have an account that was hacked quite some time ago and is sending out adverts to my zero subscribers, but I still ended up hearing about this because my community is and has been for quite some time, a community that feels as though people should be responsible for looking out for their own well-being.... and that is the way that we prefer it to be.

One Republican representative from Arizona responded to Joe's Tweet by saying this

"You have no business issuing fear-based ultimatums to the American people. They have the freedom to choose whatever they please—vaccine or not."

And this is the way I feel about this vaccine. I have no intention of ever taking it and I also will not wear a mask unless I am in a place that requires it - and even outside of my community the number of places that are requiring masks is dwindling. I am an employer and I do not require any of my staff to be vaccinated or wear a mask. If they want to wear one, that is on them to decide.

I'm just proud of the Eastern North Carolina community that I live in because we decided many months ago that we are responsible adults and can make the choices for our own lives accordingly. We do not need or want the government to dictate how we can or should live our lives.

Trump would have been hounded by the media, Congress, and people in the streets of librul cities across the USA if he had done this - they probably would have used it as grounds for another impeachment but because it is Biden, there are no, and likely will be no repercussions at all.

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