Shit like this is why i don't like goverment

There's an old saying that goes like this: "No matter what task the government is assigned it will do it in the most expensive and inefficient way possible."

I can never related to people that think there is a government solution to almost anything. I will admit that there is some level of governance that is necessary but in communities like ours we are not even fans of being held at the under the legal authority at the state level, let alone on a national level. Thankfully, there are a lot of checks and balances in place to prevent what we in New Bern, North Carolina see as unlawful, unnecessary, or even tyranny from becoming something that affects our lives.

I do not trust the government and I want as little of it in my life as possible. Government programs are far reaching and when we start talking about a 3.5 trillion dollar economic stimulus plans or 5 trillion dollar economic stimulus plans it gets under my skin because I know there is going to be a bunch of useless crap in there that doesn't really benefit anyone except some friends of a politician.


Now in the grand scheme of things this is an extremely small amount of money as far as the NIH's budget is concerned or any other national something or other but to ignore it because it is a small part of the overall is the reason why the overall is so out of control. WTF are we doing researching cocaine's effects on birds?

In the meantime we have long since lost control of the budget in the USA and I remember back when the national debt clock used to be scary when it said just 5 trillion dollars. These days it is much more ridiculous


The above image is at least a year old and I think now we are more in the 30 trillion dollar space. It is just remarkable to me that we would be talking about any additional spending when this is what our debt looks like. Honestly, i don't know who keeps loaning us money. Can you imagine any scenario where any institution would continue to loan you money when you prove time and time again that not only are you incapable of paying back what you already borrowed but you keep borrowing more?

At the moment, there should be zero expansion of any government projects and yes, I include roads in this because they aren't fucking fixing those in a lot of places anyway. The "muh roads" argument gets thrown around far too frequently.

The entitlement programs like social security and medicare started out as something that was meant to be used in extreme cases for the protection of the poor, it is now unbelievably out of control and it is only going to get much much worse since most people don't play for their future and tons of folks have zero savings at all. I saw an estimate the other day that SS is already insolvent and will be incapable of paying out at the levels that was promised as early as 2028. Imagine how pissed some people are going to be (and rightfully so) when they paid into a system their entire lives and now they are not going to get anything back out of it.

At some point we are going to have to reel in some spending. There are no good government programs because they don't need to be concerned with such inconveniences like actually being able to pay for what they do.


I think Democrats are far more guilty of this than Republicans because their leaders just keep talking about how "this should be free" and "that should be free" but if you ever ask them to explain how it will be paid for, they don't really have an answer to that. In the meantime it is getting more and more difficult to buy a house, people are getting stupider, and we have several generations that in 20 years are going to be looking for a government pension program that will not exist by the time they get there.

And in the meantime your government doesn't give a crap about any of this. They will pretend to in order to get your vote, but immediately following that, it's all gone. They're gonna be fine when these social programs run out of money... it'll be YOU that is in the bread lines, not them.

STOP voting for mainstream candidates and for crissakes stop buying into the political duopoly.

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