North Carolina Congressman calls Fauci a "Punk"

I have to admit that I have kind of fallen off the Covid train. In our county about a year ago we decided that we were not going to do any of the regulations that the government handed down to us. While other communities around the State of North Carolina and the rest of the USA as well as the rest of the world are still bickering about this - we here in New Bern and the rest of Craven county decided a year ago that we were going to do what WE want - which is really the way that it should be in my opinion.

a couple of flying horse-things.... why not?

Therefore, I don't really pay much attention to talk about vaccines, masks, Delta variants, and whatever else you want to lump into the Covid pile... but that doesn't mean that I don't pay notice to what legislators do every now and then.

Recently-elected Congressman Madison Cawthorne is probably just trying to make waves for himself, because he is a politician after all, but recently when a discussion was brought up about Anthony Fauci he went back to some good ol' playground smack-talk and called out the Covid-czar for what he thinks he is and called him a "punk."


His words were very North Carolinian when he said this exact thing

"I normally have a great amount of respect for the people who work here on Capitol Hill, knowing that although we have different ideas on how to accomplish it, we are all trying to work for the betterment of the American people, I will tell you right now, that is not the case with Anthony Fauci. He is a punk who is trying to further his own career and make himself wealthy and famous."

Cawthorne went on to state that there should be criminal proceedings taken towards Fauci when the GOP re-takes control of the house in 2022, which is something that a lot of people on both sides of the political spectrum think is highly likely to happen.

Now on a side note, I think this is a bad idea but as childish as it seems to say this... The other guys started it.

This idea that whoever is in power is going to investigate people on the side of whatever political group was previously in power has already gotten old and it began with everything that followed the 2020 election. The way in which anyone who was close to Trump being investigated and potentially prosecuted when power changes hands only, in my mind, encourages additional stagnation of our already totally broken and inefficient government.

It kind of makes me think of how doctors are afraid to try certain life-saving procedures out of fear or medical malpractice lawsuits that may come in the future and I don't know if we just weren't paying attention until Trump was President, and even moreso after he was ousted, but this is not a good road we are going down.

As a Libertarian, I'm on the sidelines. I realize that there is very little chance that the people I truly support will ever see office because of the "lessor of two evils" political situation that is very much alive and well in American politics and I think there aught to be some sort of limitations that go on in these sorts of things.

The power held by one of the two political parties changes on a regular basis in America and imagine that every time this happens that all of the folks on the "other side" now have to be worried about being investigated and potentially prosecuted for their actions when their side was in power. This is a very real problem especially when you consider that the high-level law enforcement is normally placed there by whatever party happens to be in power at the time.

It will be a never-ending cycle of backing up the courts with frivolous lawsuits, most of which get thrown out eventually by the Supreme Court. Even though I am no fan of Fauci and his cohorts, I think that if this were to happen, it would only result in it happening again and again every time power changes hands.

But that doesn't mean that I can't find Cawthorne's comments hilarious, because I do.

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