Has Greta finally gone away? God I hope so

The media loves to use children to advance some political cause or another. They do it a LOT with guns but that seems to have died down lately. Also, it seem to only apply to leftist ideals. I don't know how it happened, but Greta Thunberg was one of the most annoying ones in my mind. She and her family are probably devastated that Covid came along and stole her thunder because these days nobody seems to want or need the advice of a mentally unstable teenager who doesn't actually have any scientific background to speak of.

When the media latched on to her it was pretty evident to me what they were doing it for. This is the same reason why they latched on to David Hogg and the teenagers who saw an opportunity to progress their own potential careers by becoming mouth-pieces for leftist causes. I am really glad nobody talks about those clowns anymore either but still Greta was the worst and when she was popular the way the media treated her was just an exceptionally irritating experience for me and other conservatives.


I wouldn't say that I was a fan of Time Magazine before this happened but afterwards it was just another publication to avoid. Person of the year? Why? Because she rants at and says nasty things to world leaders who pretend to give a crap about her opinions? Do you really think that the world leaders take her seriously or do you think they pander to her because they know they have to because of media publications like Time Magazine.

I was clearing out my computer when I found this in a section that I must have saved to do something with later and I would be willing to bet that most people, like me when I saw this thing, have never heard of Boyan Slat. Just like the below graphic shows, he actually provides a solution to a problem rather than just point out a problem.


This is a big problem that I have with the media, and in turn, a lot of my liberal friends. I don't have many liberal friends but I went to college and a lot of people become liberals there. They, just like Greta, are really good at pointing out problems with society or government and the like, but they either provide no solution, or provide completely impractical solutions that aren't solutions at all. The Green New Deal was something that liberals latched onto without even considering the impossible scale and cost of it. I frequently see a liberal friend post something exceptionally stupid such as if we "just turned 70% of New Mexico into solar and wind farms we could provide the entire USA with clean energy!"

They, like Greta, don't factor in things like the fact that this isn't how power grids work anywhere in the world, that even top environmentalists agree that currently existing renewable energy products are horribly inefficient, or that the materials used in the creation of these things are quite scarce. Things like the fact that "70% of the land in New Mexico" actually belongs to private individuals doesn't even cross their minds. I feel like if this was a plausible electricity solution (and it isn't) these liberal friends would gladly have the government simply seize the land and kick them out.

This is the sort of nonsensical stuff that Greta would throw out there if she bothered trying to provide a solution at all. In the meantime she and her family, who were already very wealthy, have enriched themselves even more. All without ever providing any meaningful or plausible solutions to anything at all.

But these days we don't really hear much about her or from her and I am not at all disappointed about that.


Personally, I do not know a single successful person who paid any attention to this complaining spoiled child and if anything good can be said about Covid, at least it took her out of the limelight, hopefully for good.

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