Drag you from your house and vaccinate you....

Being a conservative in the United States is presented as though we are just some back-woods, know-nothing, morons that don't give a damn about anything. This is normally presented by big city folks that have their news organizations based out of big cities but at the same time those of us that live in somewhat rural areas we don't have all the animosity that city folks have. We don't worry nearly as much as they do.

We have a situation where the opposite of Trump is in office now and it doesn't fill our brains every our of every day the way that it did when the situation was reversed. Do we dislike BIden and prefer that he wasn't there? Of course! But it doesn't live (as they say) rent-free, in our heads 24/7.

As a conservative, I have a difficult time identifying with anyone who is liberal but I try anyway.


I don't really talk to liberals but I would like to talk to one that is not crazy for once. Even the people that I knew from college before we really even drew these lines, if they are liberal, I have to work really hard to not upset them, no matter what it is that we are talking about.

I just don't understand what it is about being liberal and perpetually pissed off is all about. Why would anyone do that to themselves?


I also saw this Tweet getting passed around in conservative groups and said in my mind, basically the same thing that every other conservative said when they saw this.

I have no idea who PoliticsJack is but I think that he/she/they just basically summed up the reason why conservatives believe in the right to bear arms or the 2nd amendment.

It is just such a liberal thing to say that you will "drag people from their homes" provided that "Jack" and his ilk are not the ones doing the dragging. You wont be dragging me anywhere Jack, you wouldn't make it that far. You would be choking on your own lung blood before you ever got anywhere near me. But Jack, you wouldn't know anything about that because you weren't EVER talking about doing it yourself. No, of course not.

You were talking about some police officer doing it for you... the same police that someone like Jack has probably tried to get defunded in the past. He's ok with police, as long as they are enforcing something he believes in. I understand he is speaking in hyperbole but it is a dumb statement spoken by a person that believes the state should be in charge of everything.

I will never agree with that sentiment Jack and if you genuinely believe that this is the way forward, it is YOU that has the severe mental derangement - not the other way around.

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