Covid hospitalizations drop to lowest since June of 2020

I talk probably a bit too much about how my community and most of my county stopped obeying government mandates on masks and social distancing quite some time ago. I don't remember exactly when it happened, but you will be pretty hard-pressed to find anyone around here that has a mask on.

All the while we were told by the media that this would have disastrous results for our and several other counties in the State of North Carolina that decided to have the same resistance and had the support of their legislators and sheriffs that the citizenry would not be arrested or otherwise penalized for non-compliance.

The "disastrous results" also never happened.


Call us a bunch of hillbillies or rednecks if you want to. I can promise you that a vast majority of us, including me, will not be offended in the slightest by that moniker. I refer to myself as a redneck and yes, I do prefer "flavorless" beer like Coors Light and I own a bunch of guns and a pickup truck. I also own my own business, pay taxes, and obey the law.

Anyway, following the Governor's warnings that we were sealing our own doom by not choosing to comply and that our hospitals would soon be overrun with death and despair we were outside, having BBQ's, gathering at the Elk's Lodge and basically living like we always had . I would imagine that he is secretly a little bit disappointed that this disastrous situation never occurred. Quite the opposite happened actually: There were so few people checking into the hospital for Covid or any other reason that several people that I know that are medical professionals actually had to move to other parts of the country that panic a bit more than North Carolina in order to even find work. These were not unskilled people either. They were very highly regarded but everyone's hours were getting cut back because very few people were getting sick of anything including Covid.

I have been a bit of a believer that this thing was overblown from the start and the restrictions and mandates: Well, I don't even want to speculate on why they were instituted in the first place but if our community is a representation of anything at all I think that "doing what you always did" kind of worked out pretty well.

North Carolina will soon be repealing all Covid restrictions state-wide because Governor Cooper is the Federal governments monkey now that a Democrat is in the White House. You can be assured that if Trump was in there that he would probably lock us down for another few months just to spite him.

COVID County alert map.jpg

We are one of the yellow areas on the East part of this map. The fact that "significant" is the lowest level that they have available is already showing the bias in these statistics but then again, this information came from Charlotte, which is the most liberal city in the state so that should come as no surprise.

The fact of the matter is that Covid was never really a big deal in this state despite the Governor's best efforts to try to make it appear as such for whatever reasons.


I would imagine if you were to dig into these numbers (19,999? Awesome!) you would probably find that nearly all, if not all of these people who died had multiple other things wrong with them. A family member of mine was a nurse at a nearby hospital and she had to work very long shifts in preparation for the massive, zombie-invasion-like surge of Covid cases they were told were going to happen only to mostly be video-chatting with me as she sat around in a room with her scrubs on, with nothing to do. She also told me that the "Covid cases" she has tended to were people that were very old and most of the time extremely overweight with multiple other issues.

So now that the new cases are way down perhaps the rest of the state can start doing what we have been doing for at least 6 months already: Start living their lives again.

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