A Bold Step Toward Achieving My Dreem

Recently, I got to know the meaning of Dreem via dreemsteem's post, which simply means the art of transforming mere dreams into genuine accomplishments. Wow, I used to think that the word "dreem" was misspelled until I got a clearer picture of its meaning.

It feels good to dream. Many people get lost in fantasy, visualizing the kind of lifestyle and achievement they want for themselves regardless of their financial capabilities. It's natural for humans to dream big and crave a life devoid of financial struggles, regardless of our financial background, but the greatest of all is taking action, building, and bringing those imaginations into reality—in other words, transforming your dream into reality.

Each day I wake up, I set my hope towards achieving my dreams, and many times I wish I could just command them to exist already, but there's a process, and that's why it will take my effort, hard work, planning, etc. to achieve my dreams. For a while now, I have started imagining how 2024 will turn out for me. I imagine living my dream—transforming my dream into a dreem—and that's why I have consistently set my eyes on making it a reality.

Most of my dreams are tied to becoming a big entrepreneur. Deep down inside of me, I visualize becoming a big entrepreneur who would even have others working for me and getting paid as a way of reducing unemployment, at least within my community. I told myself that I wouldn't go for an office job again, but I have that space where I can be doing bottled and sachet water production and be distributing to retailers. This is my biggest Dreem space, even though my husband is solidly behind this dream and working hard to support it financially, as it will make me fully independent and have more time to take care of family instead of working for others, which wouldn't give me that kind of time when needed.

"What do I need to make this dream possible?"

A space: I have a home with an extra space good enough to use in actualizing this dream of mine, and I plan to create a unique environment suitable for my teem and me. However, having a portable space isn't all, but it will be needed...

Materials and equipment: materials such as chemicals for water treatment are essential, along with large quantities of nylon and plastics for production. Equipment such as the water production machine—at least one for a start—is a must-have.

Cost: I did an estimate of the cost of turning this dream into reality, excluding the cost of a truck for the water distribution. This is because the people in my community have a higher demand for this drinking water, to the point that most retailers go to far-distance water factories to buy and resell it. My dream is to start small, at least having my community as my audience and target buyers, while I expand with time. With this plan, I will be working on having $1,500 to make this dream a reality before the end of 2024.

In conclusion, these are some requirements for my dreem space, and having this dream become a reality is my driving force; hence, strategic plans for achieving them are inevitable.

This post is in response to the DreemPort Challenge in this year's Dreemer of the Year Competition.

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