Family lack of trust. (Be Open)


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Last week my husband came home with two of his brothers, I wasn't aware of the that either of them were coming and I was not prepared for host any visitor , when they came I had to rush to do certain things in the house and also to cook food for them.

One of my brother in law started talking about how his wife was hiding something from him and that was the reason he almost beat her, I also found out that my husband had gone to their place that was why they came to the house so that the issues could die down.

I did not want to be a talkative in the matte and I knew that my husband wouldn't appreciate me butting in their conversation, which was why I kept quite till they left after two days of staying over.

I then asked my husband when the kids when to bed, I asked him the reason why his brother thought his wife was keeping something from him, he told me that the wife stated a new job and has been arriving home late and that was why he thought so.

To my understanding this is the beginning of lack of trust in the husbands part, and this lack of trust in homes can be quite challenging because it will affect so many things about couples, I want to believe that they have not had time to sit and talk because communication is part of the keys to having. Complete trust in partners.

Another reason why there is lack of trust in home is because of brokeness promises, either of them might have broken his or her promise concerning something and that may have cause the doubt in the relationship

Also when either of them has had a negative experience like abuse or even emotional trauma this also causes this lack of trust

If there is a financial issue in the family the husband will have distrust in the wife that has a good job, and I believe this is the situation of this my brother in law, he is being insecure about his wife working. I remember the wife telling me the husband asked her not to take the job and to continue being a full house wife, she told me that things were not really okay and that she always had to be asking for whatever she wants as a woman, that was why she applied for a job and she got it.


These and many more are reasons why there is lack of trust in homes, the only way forward is to be open, transparent, straightforward and understanding to your partner.

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