I Would Love To Speak And Understand The Dog Language

Every creature, humans, animals, birds, insects even plants, have different ways by which they communicate.
Just like humans have different races, tribes and languages, animal kingdom is diverse, and their mode of communication different.

Of all the animals, the one I would love to speak and understand their languages are dogs.
Dogs are my favorite pet and I so much love them. There are some dogs that I will see and I can't help but feel excited and wish I could touch them.

Why my choice of dog

  • This saying that dogs are man's best friend is absolute truth. A dog is a loyal, loving and trusted friend one can ever have, very very affectionate. They are very good at reading human emotions and feelings, and have innate ability to make one feel better and brighten their mood. - a dog understands when one is happy, sad, even afraid.
    Imagine coming back home probably after a bad day, and your dog comes wagging it's tail, jumping up excitedly, you will have no choice but to snap out of it.
    We once had a female dog, Timmy by name that was so much attached to me. She understands me so much, probably because I was the one who usually takes care of her, bathe and feed her. One day I was crying and Timmy came, sat in front of me keenly watching me to know exactly what was happening. When she noticed that I was actually crying, she started whining, licking my hands and legs in a bid to console me. That expression was so loving and comforting and it finally ended in a cuddle and laughter..

  • One of the commonest ways dogs speak and communicate to human beings is through barking. Dogs bark for so many reasons, either as a warning of danger, to get one's attention, scare intruders away or excitement. Sometimes these barking can be annoying since one may not understand exactly the reason behind it. That is why it is important for me to understand the language so I can easily deduce the exact reason for the bark and act upon it.

  • Dogs are overly protective that is why they are used for security purposes. They protect life, property and other things that warrant protection.

  • Talk of animals that are intelligent and smart, dogs are in the top leaderboard. Ever wondered why the military, paramilitary and some other security agencies recruit dogs and use them for undercover operations. Of course there are special breed of dog for this field. You know human beings can compromise especially when some material gains are involved in an operation but dogs cannot. They sniff out the bad guys and hand them over.
    I'm sure most of you can relate.

  • Another reason I would go for a dog any day any time is because they are brave and fearless. A dog is never afraid danger infact it's in the course of danger that you will realize how fearless and brutal dogs can be. If a dog senses a threat to his life, that of its loved ones, it's owner or just anyone, he fights to save them. A dog can enter a fire inferno, swim in water just to save a life or something it was instructed to save.It doesn't mind being wounded or killed in the process.
    I've seen some movies where dogs display this act of bravery.

  • Dogs are not only so teachable, they are fast learners. Teach a dog something today and it will never forget it. If it does anything wrong and you scold it, it won't repeat it. I remember teaching our dog how to walk, clap, sit, and dance including some hand gestures like bye, shake and thumbs up.
    can be trained to perform all kinds of tasks.

Dogs can be trained to serve as help around the house. You can send them to go get something from somewhere and they will do just that.

Just like the way humans fall sick, dogs also fall sick but. Understanding their pain point is usually difficult because obviously they cannot talk. Someone can say I have headache or fever but a dog can't. The ways they can express themselves is by being quite, withdrawn or whine continuously. It's now left for the owner to try finding out what exactly the problem is and know how to tackle it, which most times take time. But in a situation where I can converse with a dog, I will just ask what the problem is, and it will do well to tell me.

  • One can make cool money by keeping dogs whether male or female especially if they are the most sought after breeds. I had a friend who not make money from selling the puppies, people pay so his male dogs can mate with their female ones.
    We equally made some money when we had dogs.

Final Note
Dogs are amazing creatures, adorable, friendly, easy to bond and great companions. What better pet can one keep order than a dog. It will be fun and exciting speaking with a dog and understanding their language too.
I'm sure you know what to do whenever you get to a house with the inscription beware of dog.

This is my entry to the weekly prompt.

Thank you for being here and I do hope you enjoyed my post. Please do well to drop a comment, it will be well appreciated.

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