Hello everyone welcome to another episode of HIVE NAIJA WEEKLY PROMPT EDITION:34.

Personally I don't feel the puff that comes with Valentine and I wasn't planning on celebrating either,but my man insisted that he gifted me so I don't feel obliterated.
However he joined the trend and asked me what I wanted as a Valentine gift,I was indecisive because I never expected him to ask ,after a fleeting thought I requested for him to increase my school savings ,I was quite skeptical if he would grant my request judging from the present economy coupled with him solely footing his bills as a law student.
By exactly 7:47 I was awoken by the beeping sound of my phone,Oh! It was my man he just sent me thirty thousand Naira,I couldn't help but grin,the amount might be a paltry for most people but it was a grand for me and it was an accessions to my school savings,I was all jolly till I went to work.
As a receptionist I was the first staff to get to the office ,not quite long after I got to the office my boss called instructing me to fetch a gift that was being sent to her from the dispatch rider just outside our office's building.
Bittered and jealous I went to fetch the gift,it was a box of JARDIN NOCTURNE COLOGNE and a Posy with the strongest fragrance I've ever perceived with a note attached to it written "From Mr Bayo Adewumi".I was bewildered because I was expecting to see her husband's name on the note,well who am I to question her?.
When my boss got to the office she was triumphantly joyful unlike her always capricious behaviour.
She made me feel even more covetous with the innumerable videos and fortuitous squirk she kept making at intervals.

Aside from my resentfulness,
deep down I was happy to see my always morose boss in a good humour, unknown to us something more interesting was about to occur
Hours later a middle aged lady walked into the office accompanied by two young ladies
"where is your boss"!! The woman half yelled
Shocked and scared I jumped up from the reception desk
" She is in ma'am I replied stuttering"
My boss came walking out of her office,she must have heard her yell,
They started exchanging words ,well according to the woman Mr Bayo is her husband and my boss has been having an affair with him and she has warned my boss severally to stay away from her husband,I was even more shocked because my boss is married and her husband is based in Canada and she doesn't look like one who would cheat on her husband with another person's husband ,I only do see what happened in my office on television or stories but it happened right where I worked, and to be frank I enjoyed watching the scenario,I mean who wouldn't!!.
However after pouring out her anger the woman left with rage ,I could see the shame on my boss's face while she walked back to her office and I on the other side was too shocked to laugh.
The last valentine will definitely be an unforgettable one as long as I live.

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