Ghana Top My List, What Will Take Me there?

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When the passion for Ghana to be my first country to visit I didn't know anything about the Country. Just like that I developed love for the country and kept wishing to visit Ghana first before heading over to other countries.

This passion have lasted for more than a decade though yet to be met but it does not change anything. From my findings I understood that Nigeria and Ghana do have lots of similarities wish I will not be disclosing here.

Getting Close To My Dreams

Towards the end of my University studies I met someone on Facebook and we began talking, from my observation I got to discover he is from my dream country, that drew my attention closer. I also noticed he into what I love doing so much. As this interest kept building we exchange contacts and began talking on Whatsapp. One of the days he told me about his intention to visit my country for a program. We met for the first, then the second time we met was during my service year when he also visited for a program. Then I quickly introduced him to my boy friend and the rest was a story.

To the best of my knowledge, GHANIANS are lovely and fun to be with. They have a good heart and do their best to look out for one another no wonder they standout even with their activities on this platform. To be honest with you, if I had met someone that meets my requirements before my boy and he is from Ghana I would have accepted with a good heart.

Lots from tourist centers to visit and their cultural presentation that can keep you busy all long. If you even look at my complexion you will notice that we have a lot of things to share together. Some even argue that am not from Nigeria. Hope am able to convince you about my love for Ghana.

This is my entry for the hivenaija weekly prompt. Thanks for visiting my blog dear friends. See you some other time

Stay Blessed

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