How I Communicate With My Gold Fish. #16

let's get down to business…

Generally I am an animal lover, for me it's not just the type of animal you love, it's about maintaining and balancing the ecosystem. I have a Goldfish, I have some plants, some flowers, and I want to keep everything under control as it is, so both can thrive and be happy enough to communicate with me.

Rather than having lots of pets you can't take care of, looking all dirty and bony, if the pets aint happy with how you take care of them then there will be no energy flow..

My Goldfish "Lipaz" was given to me has a birthday gift from hubby when he noticed how i admire it at the fish store during one of our date. I named it Lipaz which means "My Gold" In Hebrew

Fish in general requires some maintenance. Yes! But I can do it when I want to, when I can, or rather how I want to.

Transfering him to Clean up his tank

Unlike the cat who wakes you up for food or the dog who needs to take a walk in the morning, and barks a lot when or not he sees anyone suspicious. Disturbing someone's beauty sleep in the middle of the night ….

The Goldfish however will be just fine if I need to go out or travel for the weekend.. Sometimes I travel for weeks Living Lipaz all by himself without food nor light, and when I come back he just swims around in a calm and sirin 'way, no noise or complaints.

At the end of the day there is nothing as relaxing as sitting in front of his tank for one hour throwing some feed in, and watched how he consumes it showing a sign of gratitude by wagging his tail probably jumping from below just to catch a feed lolzzz

To be honest, having a fish as a pet has been so peaceful for me, Because Fish is one of the least demanding animals. Even though you cannot pet, or cuddle them, or carry them around, you can still interact with them emotionally..

I would spend hours on the couch having a cup of coffee, watching some movies, taking a nap, wake up and usually not pay attention so much only to look over and see Lipaz all lined up straight staring at me waiting to be fed.

When he'll saw me looking at him he'll swim around the tank feeling all hype, probably if he is more excited he would jump from the bottom to see if he can pick any food from the surface, as if the food has already been put in 😂 Only to stop and line up again if i hadnt then Continue staring at me. This behavior shows he is hungry and wants to be fed.

When he grew impatient he wont swim around the tank, he'll put is face from behind the tank and swim round it as if he is staring at the whole house, i think probably because gold fish are always curious of their surrounding..

Sometimes when I'll wake up in the middle of the night. I'll look over his tank and see him just being still with his eyes wide open, probably he is sleeping cause goldfish dont have eyelid, they cant close their eyes even if they wanted to so they sleep with their eyes open..

So yeah, Lipaz has been a very good and peaceful companion to me and the house, plus he beautifies my living room with his light house aquarium. Most times when am emotional down, I sit in front of his tank and stare at how peaceful he behaves its just as if he is looking right into my soul saying, "Its ok everything will be just fine, You've been through worst"

:) Wanna no why I am smiling,? Am smiling because it's my first time writing in the hivenaija community. It's an honor.

Till we read again, Kudos!

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