Other Ways I Earn With My Smart Phone

Other Ways I Earn With My Smartphone


Ever since I discovered that money can be made through my smartphone, I decided that no matter how complex the process is going to be, I am definitely going to be part of the trend. We all know how difficult things are in the world right now. In Nigeria, the naira keeps depreciating, and the price of fuel and goods keeps rising every day, yet getting a nice job that pays well is something uncommon.

Seriously, we don't need anyone to preach to us before we step out of our comfort zones to look for what to do in order to keep surviving. The smartphone has a lot of possibilities, one can earn millions remotely from the comfort of their rooms through smartphones if he/she has the right information.

One of the deepest secrets to earning online is to pay the price and learn. Most people don't want to patiently follow the process and learn because they heard that there is money online they just want to go ahead and pluck it overnight. It doesn't happen that way. You need the knowledge first. No wonder a lot of people run into the hands of scammers online, in the name of business because they want quick money. How can a reasonable person be told that if you invest 5,000 you will earn 15,000 naira and he will go ahead and invest? Is that not madness? Most of us were scammed because we like quick money. The popular pidgin saying, Awoof the run belle, is right.

A truth, there is money online but it takes a process to reach there. If you want to earn, ensure you take your time to learn first, if not you will soon be among those saying online things are scam

Apart from blogging on hive, I have earned from doing other hustles on my phone and I am still earning from some and will earn from some subsequently. Early this year a friend of mine introduced me to something called quack. I don't have much knowledge on crypto, you will bear with me as I may not be able to give a detailed explanation.

Quack is a crypto coin, the owner is trying to promote it, so he/they decided to do giveaway to people who are able to help him/them promote it through different social media platforms, like Twitter, telegram, discord, and so on. My friend brought the good news to me and I was ready to give it a try.

He opened an account for me and had me join their discord channel. the only thing you do is chat, those who spent the highest number of hours chatting qualitatively will be selected as winners and then given quack. I think at that time a quack worth up to 800 to 1000 Naira when converted

Being a chat addict, I didn't find it difficult to be amongst the winners almost every time. It was such fun, you get to meet new people and from there you earn. I have benefitted a lot from that giveaway, even though it didn't last long before they shut down on Discord, because they noticed some individuals were abusing it.

There is also a play2earn game a good friend introduced me to a few months ago, I am not more of a good gamer but i am giving it my best, i have been accumulating some dollars there too. The funniest part is i know of play2earn games but i thought they were scam until my friend gave showed me evidence, i wished i had the knowledge long ago.

Recently, I bought a course on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, am currently practicing, we all know that Amazon publishing is also another good way of earning with our phones even though it is strict and full of rules, but with the right mentor, be sure to find it easy. I have seen a lot of individuals make dollars from publishing books, journals, trends, etc. on Amazon. Now that dollar is at the rate of 1000 naira, it is a very good opportunity for anyone earning in dollars.


I think any youth with a smartphone, who keeps complaining that there is no job is just lazy, the world has changed, the government is not ready to give us jobs, and the rich want to keep all the opportunities to themselves, the one way out for us is to take advantage of the opportunities online and I bet you we will make it.

I have seen and heard of people who built houses, bought cars, and are having good investments from the money they earned online, yeah online and legitimately for that matter. There is no excuse for anyone to be broke. Pay the price, get a digital skill, and learn, even if you are working, it will help you a lot. These days things are even very expensive one source of income is no longer reliable.

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