The Valentine Event: Lovers On Red

February 14 is a remarkable day for lovers, it's a season where those in relationships pepper the singles, I mean, make them realize the emptiness in being single- i.e for those who care. The only time I joined in his pepper mission was in the year 2018, when my then lover had to make me wear red, hehehe. I wasn't comfortable, but for peace to reign, I had no choice but to go with the peace-option, which was to wear red. No joke, I looked like a red tomato on that day, but that's one of the things we do for love.

Fast-forward to this year, I was grateful my lover did not stay nearby, we had to do the event online and I was okay with that. I prefer staying indoors on days like this, I don't like the public display of affection especially when it's a day marked for it. So, we scheduled a special time to chat, recounted all the memories we've shared, just a few , because the relationship is just two months old, said our wishes, and asked a few questions we wanted to know about each other and a cash transfer from me to her to get herself something she'll need. I bought a gift too, but it'll be presented when we next meet. Believe it, it was perfect, one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine's Day for lovers in a distant relationship.

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So, the day wasn't that bad, I wasn't stressed, no need to spend unnecessarily and I'm glad my lover agreed to the idea of no spending on unnecessary things and added with "Love doesn't happen only on valentine days". Oh mine, this is the kind of girl i have been looking for, she's purpose driven and believes more in being a supportive partner than receiving partner. Anyways, i didn't take that for granted, I appreciated her in the little way i could, she needed to feel loved and special too. While I stayed indoors, I decided to surf the Internet to see how others celebrated their valentine. Some posts were intimidating, it makes one feel as if whatever you have done isn't enough, some are funny, lovers in red or white walking around the street, some ended up with a fight- this happens in every valentine. Let me share a story of one.

This girl probably got informed that her lover was in an eatery with another girl, and she wasn't the cool type. She headed to the eatery where she confirmed the information was true, her boyfriend sitting next to a different girl with their hands locked into each other in a deep conversation. The boy knew he had just been busted, and the perfect lie wasn't coming forth, all he could say was "babe I can explain". We all know whenever someone says this statement, he or she is guilty. The lady wasn't ready for any explanation, but instead of fighting with the guy, she faced the lady, maybe because she was her match and it ended in tears. Hehehe, a day that is supposed to be of joy and love, ended in "one woman down and tears"

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