If I could understand the language of Mosquitoes

For some reasons i want to know what mosquitoes say when they thirst for blood. I hate those creatures and since they talk so loudly, I could easily locate them for a hunt. I'm not a fan of keeping pets, so learning the languages of dogs and cats would do me no good except the fact that I would laugh at their jokes each time i walk pass a street with group of dogs or cats gossiping about their neighbors. But since I don't care about their jokes, I want to learn the language of my enemies - mosquitoes, those blood sucking demons.

I could easily make a contract with them, give them a pan of blood and they leave me alone for a very long time or maybe something simple, they stay out of my territory and I pay them off. Haha. The fact is, learning the language of my enemy would help me become victorious over them, and set me free from the buzzing sound at night, who knows , maybe they have a message for us all through those times they made those whistling sound around our ears and who knows if they suck those blood and transport them to the hospital to give the sick who are short of blood, we never can know until I've learned what they say.

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I know it would have been fun if i had desired to know the language of dogs. Those guys can gossip and I believe their male would womanize. I've seen them on several occasions eyeing our female humans, and made some gestures I really didn't get. But I don't want to kill people's dogs around the street for a reason no one would believe me. So I'll go for the mosquitoes and know if I'll become their advocate or their betrayal in the later time.

And if any mosquito agrees to be my pet, I can keep one so we can always discuss. And since he can fly, he'll be my spy on assignment. The usual message would be, go to my girlfriend's house and find out what she's doing, or go check if she's home, or go find out where she's going. You can't do this spying job with a dog or cat, they're too emotional for a spy. Mosquitoes can be useful in this area especially if they don't get thirsty for blood and end up being killed- what a poor mosquito.

I only hope they wouldn't make me look crazy talking to myself every night as I try to make a bargain with some bloody creatures. Nevertheless, understanding their language would be of advantage in these areas; Helping the world eradicate mosquitoes, using them as a spy, learning their intentions of sucking our innocent blood, and making them stay far from me - I like to sleep with no noise around or some discomfort that comes trying to contemplate whether to pull out the blanket and face the mosquitoes or pull it up and bear the heat. I remember the second rule from the book "48 laws of power," it says , use your enemies, I probably would be using mosquitoes.

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