An animal I would love to communicate with to create a bond

I have always believed that animals know more than we think, we are missing out on a lot of things simply because we can't hear them, even though we have a way of communicating with some domestic animals but it can never be as good as actually hearing their voice or them being able to hear our voice and what we mean clearly.


I have heard some weird things about dogs, that they do see spirits and monsters and this is why they bark so hard when they see such things, it is also stated that if one takes the gunk on their eyes and puts them in their own eyes, they will start seeing those monsters the dogs are seeing, they said they are gifted with the eyes to see spiritual and supernatural beings.

Supposedly this is true, it is more reason why I won't love to communicate with dogs, they will scare the hell out of me, imagine me sleeping in my room and a dog starts barking and the message it is shouting is that a vicious monster is about to enter my house, High blood pressure will kill me before my time, there is a saying what we can't see or doesn't know can't kill us but the moment those monsters notice one can see them, something terrible may happen so it is better to remain in the dark, so communications with dog is a no for me.


So an animal I would love to be able to communicate with is a dolphin, I have always heard about lost treasures down the sea, unclaimed by anyone, I believe there are many golds and priceless gems under the sea/ocean and the creatures who lived in the water must have seen them but it is useless to them since they do not spend or trade, being able to communicate with a dolphin might lead to great discoveries!


I realized it is pointless though because the sea/ocean is very very deep and I haven't heard anyone that ever got to the bottom, the story of the rich men who used a submarine to go down but never came back happened this year, so what is the essence of knowing about a lost treasure that I can't have access to! but it will be fun to spend some quality time with the dolphins.

Dolphins are intelligent animals and they are known to be friendly to humans, if people can enjoy being around them without being able to understand each other's words, imagine how fun it would be if we could actually communicate and understand each other perfectly.

This would mean me playing inside the water more but to avoid attacks from other water creatures, I might have a pool and bring in some dolphins with their consent, it won't do me any good to bring them in unwillingly lol.

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