Bunny's: They Give The Complete Vibe.

As humans, there's one thing among others we differentiate ourselves with, and that's language. The barrier in languages makes some people want to learn more about the given language while others may do the opposite.

Apart from the fact that I am becoming a Duolingo addict in a good way (there's no bad way to it), there are other languages I would wish to learn that aren't a course on the app.

Yes, animal languages are one of the languages I'll love to explore. Come on, don't stare at me like that. It should be a course to be studied on Duolingo, right?


Animals have their own languages, and if I have the ultimate power to speak and understand an animal, rabbit will win the race to my heart. And to tell you, my heart is sacred. A gem to behold.

Remember, scientists have proven that humans are higher animals, which has to do with some animalistic characteristics we exhibit. And, a bigger part of the world believes in this theory. So, if you may, let's stick to this as we move.

However, let's forget about some cultures and traditions that view rabbits as their guardians, just like how some traditions view Eve's best friend in the garden of Eden, Mrs. Snake (Sorry... I'm not sorry to the ladies reading this). I love rabbits to the core.

Sometimes, I convince myself that their cheeks may be one of the reasons cos, have you seen my profile(I.d) picture? Haha... I am cheekily born.

Their stature is one thing that makes me love them, while the biggest thing is their cheeks. Have you ever seen or felt their cheek before? Oh, gosh... so chubby and fluffy. I am sure @tengolotodo will agree with the fluffy part. Hehe.

Rabbits have different emotions to keep you high-spirited every day you have them in your life. They can be silly, high-spirited, shy, and exhibit all sorts of other emotions that are humane. The best part of it is that they are like secret agents. They use secret code to interact, isn't that awesome?

Tell me why interacting with this animal won't be fun? Engaging with a rabbit will be more than fun. I'll be able to interact freely with them, and we can start to use our secret code to make the world jealous because they will.

I believe the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks makes us believe that interacting with animals can be fun. So, welcome to my movie world with my newfound super agent, rabbit, as we will take the world to space and find Pluto in seconds.

Therefore, if I have the ability to speak to animals following the Hive naija weekly prompt I'll go with my secret crush animal. We would speak to each other and have lots of fun understanding and acting on what was being said.

Also, you should know that rabbits are very smart because of their ability to read human's feelings. That's why they are my super loved bunny.


Still yours truly,

Thanks for reading.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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