The Most Disturbing Meme Contest

The Most Disturbing Meme Contest

Loud & Proud presents another contest to win exclusive NFT artwork from @thisnewgirl!

We want you to bring your "A" game and find (or make) the most disturbing meme out there. Please reblog, retweet and share the hell of this. We want this to be big!


1) No subject is off limits. But please use discretion when nudity is included.

We are adults who are doing an adult oriented show for an adult audience. So you can guess that we are not that easily offended at seeing "mommy/daddy" parts. We just dont want to see anything that would make us feel useless in the "performance" department. That plus we've all pretty much seen Swoop's ass enough.

2) Entries do need to stay within the legal realm of society. So kiddie porn!

I mean lets face it. Who wants to go to jail ?

To enter and play -

  • Entries must be submitted DURING the show on 07-31-21. The last weekend of the month on the Off the Rails episode.
  • No entires will be accepted early or late or from any other room or private message.
  • If you question it's eligibilty to be seen in a public forum then dont post it.
  • Entries must be posted in the #mspwaves-audience room. Sign up Here
  • Any memes that include nudity must be posted in the #spicy-chat room.
  • PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF @mspwaves. It is their Discord server not ours!!!

The Grand Prize

I dont have it to tease you with it yet. But @thisnewgirl is promising something really cool. And honestly I dont know when we will be able to start revealing any teasers of it. All I know is that it includes the show, the hosts and some of the main hardcore listeners. And it will even include the winner!

If youve been around NFT Showroom chances are you already know her work. Hell chances are you've seen her handy work and didnt even know it was her. But she a very unique style that is all her own.

The following link is her previous artwork for us when she was just a fan of the show. Some consider it NSFW but I dont.

Loud & Proud by @thisnewgirl

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