Highlights for Lifestyle and Catarsis By @soy-laloreto | Week #8

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Greetings to all! Each week, I'll be choosing 5 outstanding posts that will be curated by the @msp-curation account. These posts will come from the Lifestyle and Catharsis communities.

Without further words, these are this week's posts:

! [Spanish] ¡Saludos a tdos! Cada semana estaré escogiendo 5 publicaciones resaltantes que serán curadas por la cuenta @msp-curation. Estas publicaciones serán provenientes de las comunidades de Lifestyle y Catarsis.

Sin más nada que decir, estas son las publicaciones de esta semana:

Highlights: Week #8

Parrilla y sentimientos desbordados [ESP-ENG]

By @thaliaperez

Despite not feeling well, I tried to put on my best face and enjoy the evening a little. Despite my attempts I was very emotionally drained and just wanted to go home and sleep, but the meeting went on for a few hours. After about 4 hours or so we went home and I was finally able to rest.

Cotidianidad | Cotidianity

By @ochitoalreves

I really like these pictures, some purple flowers that I found on the road and that I liked a lot; a view of my town's elevation on a day when there were not many people on the street; my town's traffic circle which makes it very characteristic, it is a well known landmark there; a selfie I took of my shadow which I liked as it had a perfect angle and shape not to capture it; and a butterfly that landed on my pants and accompanied me for a while on my way, for a moment it resembled a cat that climbed up to you, however it had to leave a while later. Everyday life has its beautiful things, I like to appreciate the little things and these are some of them which I captured from my point of view, I hope you like these pictures as much as I do.

Salida Vespertina | Evening Departure

By @liveofdalla

I'm not much of a person who just goes out to sit in squares and talk, but he always takes me out of my comfort zone and while sitting there I suddenly noticed these lanterns that the square has and I liked them too much, my cousin told me that they have always been there and I swear I had not noticed them.

Sacudirse la queja y buena actitud para esta semana!|Shake off the complaining and good attitude for this week!

By @veronicamartinc

Sometimes the complaint grabs me and doesn't let go! The good thing is that I know very well how to shake it, of course sometimes it allows itself a little but it does not get used to it, in my life I have fought a lot against those people who complain about everything and I was also one of them.

Enjoying the view ✨

By @danavilar

I usually arrive a little earlier to work because I love the view of the neighborhood where it is located. It is very familiar and there are many squares where you can sit and look at the sky, the trees, with your favorite music or your book of the moment.

And these were this week's posts. See you more next week with more great posts.

Y estas fueron las publicaciones de esta semana. Nos vemos más la próxima semana con más publicaciones geniales.

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