Solos weekly picks: Sunrises and sunsets

For a few minutes every day we can view an incredible sight. The colors of the clouds changing, sometimes even the color of the sun changes. While our sun is low on the horizon the atmosphere lights up. Around the world people get to enjoy the view of sunrises and sunsets every day.

Here are five Hive minnows showing off their captures during that special time of day

High above the fray #lovetheclouds @zo3d


Going on a hike in South Africa we got to see what a sunrise looks like up in the mountains. As the sun passes through the clouds it makes its way up into the sky illuminating the clouds below. Overall looks like an amazing adventure and great sunrise captures.

My entry for Love The Cloud Contest #116 by @babeltrips


A view of a sunrise in Vietnam, from the looks of it the sun is rising behind some mountains out by the waterside. Great view there, good to see its not blocked by that building to the right.

Beautiful beach sunset! by @sassafrass


Out by the ocean we get to see a beach side sunset, the color of the sky is reflecting off the water giving it a look only that can be seen once or twice a day. Those clouds have some amazing colors going in as well.

Sunset....🌞 by @okluvmee


Not much is said in this post, but I did notice some cool cloud formations. Looks like some very tall clouds in this sunset, I would expect hail in those areas where the clouds are below.

Les couchers de soleil évoquent souvent des images de la vie quotidienne. by @silviastancione


A view from Quebec along a river we can see the vibrant colors of a sunset. Yellows and orange hues pop out of the image and cool to see the peoples silhouettes along the coast enjoying the view as well.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!

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