Solos weekly picks: Flowers

Getting into gardening has really raised up appreciation of flowers. As I grow more plants I realize there is a never ending variety to these seed bearing parts of the plant. And as a beekeeper I see flowers as a much needed resource for pollen gathering insects. And in return they may fertilize the flower giving fruit of some kind, or just producing lots of seeds. They tend to make for good photography subjects as well, so this week I looked for minnows posts about flowers.

Here are five Hive minnows showing off the flowers they found:

Beautiful wildflowers by @surglen


In this post get to check out some flowers and some insightful writing about how flowers will just give any place an extra touch of color. Their grandmother also raised plants, and took some pictures in their mother in laws garden so we can see how wonderful nature looks.

Doña "ROSA" - Flores del Jardín. -- Doña "ROSA" - Flowers from the Garden. by @egonz


Rose flowers are quite special when compared to others, their smell feel and appearance can really grab your attention. The writer of this post says the smell of roses is one of the best experiences in life. I have to agree, smelling flowers has something special to it.

My entry to LMAC Round 90 [Eng/Esp] by @flowermari


We get to see an art project, a collage. They took a picture of a cabin up in the mountains. And then added groupings of flowers from an LIL library they have access to. Looks real pretty, id love to have that cabin with all those flowers and colors.

[ESP-ENG] La Naturaleza siempre me sorprende con hermosas flores || Nature always surprises me with beautiful flowers by @mariperez316


Periwinkle flowers are the subject of this post. They have a pink center and becomes a lighter purple as the color travels down the petals. These plants remind me of the west coast, I cannot grow them outdoors where I live. But good to see people that live in warmer climates growing these pretty flowers.

Shy Princess Flower by @yayan


A flower with some interesting properties, the Mimosa pudica plant closes its leaves when touched. I saw this once and was amazed how quickly the plant reacts. They talk about how these plants are a weed that tends to grow in rice fields. But still interesting to see its unique behavior when the leaves are touched.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!

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