Solo's weekly picks - Mushrooms

In this weeks curation I decided to take a look at another community that has seen alot of growth. Its known as Fungi Lovers @hive-166168

I have posted in there a few times and some of the members such as @qwerrie have been helpful in trying to identify the mushrooms I took pictures of.

Link below to the Fungi Lovers community:


I looked through the community today and found some great posts by minnows on there that only post to Hive.

Here are five of them I liked:

Fungifriday 🍄🍄🍄 - the nature and the world of mushrooms that are in it by @obsesija


This is the first post this minnow has done part of the #fungifriday challenge. After some rainy days theres been alot of mushroom growth and some pictures were taken of a mushroom found by a old tree stump. I love walking through the woods looking for mushrooms after a good rain so great to see others doing the same.

Introduction to Substance Stacking by @julietree


A video is made talking about the effect of ingesting mushrooms and how they can interact with other substances. Since mushrooms are made in nature and not lab made they tend to have many constituents to it. Its also important to consider the duration of each substance and how it can take longer or shorter to take effect on the body. Alot of good details in this video, and should be watched if you plan on "stacking" substances.

An interesting kind of mushroom !? by @hivelifebg


This post is more about trying to identify what he found in the woods, some comments state it may be Psilocybe cubensis which if so is a great find! Its recommended you pinch the stem to see if they turn blue from brusing as that can be a tell on what kind of mushrooms they are. If so, they may just be the kind that can be quite enlightening when consumed. But make sure your are 100% confident that is they are before consuming.

From the forest to French salons - Agaricus bohusii (Pieczarka kępkowa) by @marianomariano


We see some mushrooms spotted by this minnow and they explain how they are used in dishes as a delicacy in French salons next to caviar and lobsters. Ill need to be on the lookout for these in my neck of the woods, we do indeed have mushrooms that can be used for cooking. But great they were stumbled upon here.

a collection of strange and unique mushrooms and very interesting to look at - 12 photo by @ridor5301


We see in this post a bright red mushroom, it really caught my eye I do not think I have ever seen this one out in the wild. It appears to be a wood loving mushroom growing on a tree but unsure of what kind exactly. Some other mushrooms are shared as well, great pictures in this post.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!

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