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My Beautiful Mother by @kathysteele

" beautiful mother, who has been present at every stage of my life, giving me the best guidance that comes from the soul; Personally, I believe that there is nothing stronger than a mother's love; And as a mother I can say that we will always want our children to make the best decisions, and regardless of the possibility of failing in them, because we will always be there for any occasion."

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My Support System Through Thick and Thin by @atyourservice

"If I were ever in trouble, my first call would be either or both of best friends. I just paused to imagine what kind of trouble I could possibly be in and no picture came to mind, I avoid drama and problems with my life; best in avoiding stories that could touch LOL. Regardless of the nature of the trouble or problem, I would still call them because I’ve grown to be dependent on them over the years of our friendship."

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My Daughter, My Life, My Emotional Support by @dayadam

"My doll (my daughter so I call her), has always been my life since the day she was born, she is now 20 years old, and I think we have taken refuge in each other to try to weigh the difficult moments, as well as fully enjoy the moments of happiness. I thank God for having a beautiful relationship with her, and I pray that it continues to be the same for the rest of our lives."


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For Better or For Worse by @chacald.dcymt

"Then we got married and we have gone through very difficult moments that with love and patience we have been able to overcome. I remember when I was diagnosed and I saw his expression of anguish and sadness the only thing that occurred to me to tell him was I release you from this responsibility, he hugged me so tight and with tears in his eyes he told me: I am never going to leave you, we got married to support each other through thick and thin and so it has been."

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They are My 911 by @maridmc

"Over the years I have experienced circumstances that have taught me to be very selective about who to call when I have a problem.... It took me a few days to come up with an answer to this question in my mind.... And today I describe it to you. In the hardest moments of my life, where I have needed advice, guidance, direction, discretion and more, they have been up to the task and they are the people I turn to and would turn to when faced with major problems."

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Always My Princess by @annafenix

"My daughter and I have been able to establish a very special connection since she became a woman. Our relationship since she was a child was very beautiful because if there is something that characterizes me as a mother is to totally give myself to my children, to pamper them, listen to them, educate them, love them, and advise them."

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Wealth Comes from the Soul by @nayromero

"Today more than ever I remember the words of my father who used to say: there are poor men, but there are also poor men. With these he meant that there were poor men for money but there were also people poor in spirit, soul and feelings. Right now there is poverty in many areas, not only economic, I have seen up close how you have money but you are poor in feelings, weak in emotions, lacking in values ​​and more."

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Mis Hermanos Mi Punto de Apoyo by @sacra97

"That age difference with my older brothers made me always go to them for guidance and help. My parents were often busy taking care of my younger brother. My older sister was the one who guided me in problems of clothing, of studies. My brother was more serious and mechanical problems were his specialty. I even built a wooden cart with wheels and a steering wheel. When I started driving and I got into an accident, he was the one I called to help me, he always knew that the car was failing."

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Extreme Poverty by @dimmablogs

"I can't remember the mother's name (it was a native name plus it's been years) but while speaking with one of the interviewers, she began telling her story of how they were refugees who had to flee their home after their community was raided by terrorists. It was in this raid her husband was coldly murdered, leaving her with an unborn child and three little children, completely destitute. They only managed to escape by a hair's breadth."

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My Testimonial by @brujita18

"It was a very distressing situation, because there is nothing worse than seeing a child in need, hungry, without clothes or shoes. Many sacrifices were made so that these children could have at least the basic necessities, but in many occasions it was under the extreme sacrifice of the elders. Sometimes they preferred not to eat to give food to the girls, everyone in the family became very thin, you could see the emotional and physical wear that this whole situation entailed."

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A difficulty Month by @tibaire

"For more than a month my brother and I ate nothing but white rice. Our money was not enough to buy any other food, zero protein! The money we earned was only enough to pay the rent, utilities and of course college, that was non-negotiable. It has been the most difficult time and where poverty has been most reflected in my life; but to say that it left me marked from a negative point of view would be exaggerating. That time in my life taught me that I must be prepared for eventualities. You never know when you will need money to survive."

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Huts in total Ruins by @sayee

"To my horror, we passed under a shabby hill and the scene that flashed before my eyes crushed my heart. People were living in huts that were totally in ruins. Small children were playing dangerously close to the railway line and people were collecting water from those rail pipes that supplied water to the trains. The people were begging for food and they were all dressed in dirty clothes and had not seemed to bathe for ages."

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A Dollar for Food for the School by @soyaruska

"So my husband came up with the idea of asking friends who were out of the country to donate a dollar to buy food for the school. Invite him to eat was born and every month by spreading the word more and more people started to help. I saw malnourished children, very poor moms and dads trying to help their families. I am very grateful to the people who helped us to help, because there were people who helped us to cook, people who were going to help us to distribute the lunches and all those who donated money. We spent three years helping that school"

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Dos Respuestas Llenas de Nostalgia by @jetta.amaya

"I feel very fortunate to have a network of wonderful friends that I count on unconditionally for any adverse situation I have to face, from economic to existential. One of them is my friend Karelis Contreras. The most important thing is that I know I can count on her for any problem that may arise. A good example of this was in 2019, when in my country the fuel crisis intensified and those of us who own cars had to stand in line for more than 24 hours to get gas..."

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My Emergency Call Number by @joydukeson

"Whenever I remember that incident, I just become more grateful to him. If I had failed that 4 unit course, I wouldn't have graduated the year I did. And I would have been so heartbroken. My husband has proven himself worthy of my trust over and over again. Sometimes when I am in a difficult situation and need to make a choice, I just tell him and relax because I know that the end result will be great. He has always supported me and helped me in a lot of things that was so difficult for me to handle."

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Sister's Love by @jonalyn2020

" I know it was the best time to pay back all the favors she did to me. But I could hardly give her enough money to pay all her bills. And I was aching inside seeing her crying sometimes, whenever we went home. Knowing I can't do everything for her. So I prayed to God for help. This time for my sister. Since I can't supply all her needs, financially, I began comforting her, giving her hope. That someday she will get over it. That everything happens for a reason and purpose. "

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Missionary Work by @nara61

"When I worked as a missionary with a group of women from the center of the country, motivated precisely by the great need of our indigenous people, villages and communities in the south of Venezuela. We collected clothes, food and other utensils and products, to take them to those places, a beautiful work to see the faces of children, adults and elderly people full of happiness, for such a simple gesture and gratitude, it was very gratifying for us. And it encouraged us every day to make more effort so that after each trip when we arrived home, we had to start again looking for, asking for help and collaboration, to be able to take again to different places, there we took operating hairdressing, barbershop, parties to children, etc.."

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She Got My Back No Matter What by @merit.ahama

"I didn't grow up with her, one reason you'd wonder why I chose to call on her but here is the thing. She knows just exactly how I do feel when I'm sick or in pains. She feels my pain so well that sometimes I feel my pain go away so she's the first person I tell when I'm in pain. When I'm with her and I start to feel pain... She comes to my rescue like an angel or should I say a designed life saver for me alone. She would give me both physical and mental medications that gets me stronger in no time."

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My Helping Hand by @sovebrito

" I have witnessed is human poverty, people with little capacity for empathy for others or simply lacking the simplest values such as respect, honesty and sincerity, where selfishness is their law, wanting to take anyone ahead regardless of the feelings or the damage it may cause to others in order to achieve their own goals and that sadly I have found a lot in life, I think a selfish, mean and vulgar person is the greatest poverty that one can see in this life and that poverty should be avoided by all means."

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Knight in Shining Armor by @reineesmay

"If you had asked me this very same question say ten to eight years back, my answer would have probably been different, I would have said my sisters or my mummy. Now let’s date this question to as far as six years which is actually how long I have known the person who is the answer to this question. My Husband….That’s who I am calling, without second guessing, without thinking twice, without blinking once, I am straight up calling the one person I trust"

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He said just follow my lead by @funshee

"I guess he noticed this on time and he told me to trust him and just follow his lead, you know this was a bit hard for me at first but I knew I got to learn this if my love story will ever have to change for the best, this should be a chance I should be willing to take and I did. Looking back now, I can see how powerful One can be when we find the right person to trust and lean on, I never have to do stuff all by myself, I have him to share my story, my happiness, my joy, and my problems with, because I know he has a listing ear and will always listen to them."

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