SilverSaver888's Weekly Selections, Week 3

These articles are my Weekly Selections for the third week. I limited myself to curating articles from those posted at Ladies of Hive community.

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Screaming performance in my city by @jelenaa


When we started screaming, the feeling was liberating. I felt everything that was not good coming out of me. Anger, sadness, fatigue, resistance, revolt, resentment.

With the daily struggles in life, @jelenaa found herself participating in a "screaming" event.

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I show you what I like to grow and my recipes by @leidys01


Since I moved to this humble house I have had restricted land space but I do have a small patio where I plant lemons, lemons, Jobos enano, cambur, chireros, only the vegetables that are grown on my land since it is very dry. The chirero I use it a lot to prepare spicy for the food or to accompany it.

@leidys01 show us how her chirero bushes look like, as well the bananas growing in her backyard.

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Solo travelling: what it has taught me so far and why you should live the experience by @phendx


I was scared, of course I was. I'm from Argentina, where safety always seems to be a huge concern for us... and there I was, really young and unexperienced going alone to another continent. Best decision I could make, by far.

@phendx learned that travelling is all about embracing new experiences and broadening your mind.

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Favorite Vegetable To Grow by @mers


Container gardening has become a passion. Each season I grew my own tomatoes, in particular, cherry tomatoes. Year after year, I get 3 varieties and see the difference in each of their tastes. I had been successful in growing them in the past even if only in pots.

@mers has a good feeling whenever she sees her potted plants growing. And she has tremendous success!

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It's a Life Safer: Pumpkin (Ugu) My Favourite Vegetable by @kitchenandcraft


Presently I have a garden I tend everyday loaded with various kind of plants vegetables like jute mallow popularly known as a ewedu among yorubas in Western Nigeria, okra Indian spinach both the red spinach and the white spinach (Amunututu) in yoruba I also have the pumpkin leaf (Ugu), the African Spinach (Tete), Lagos spinach (soko), saint leave (efirin) bitter leaf (ewuro) Curry leaf to mention but a few.

Feast your eyes as @kitchenandcraft shows us the different vegetable plants growing in her garden.

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