SilverSaver888's Weekly Selections, Week 6

These articles are my Weekly Selections for the Sixth Week. I limited myself to curating articles from those posted at Ladies of Hive community.

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Saying Goodbye to Kindergarten by @thisismylife

"She liked her time there and we can close this book of her life looking back with a smile. She has made friends, she was loved and she learned quite some Hungarian words making her able to communicate with her classmates as well as her teachers."

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The Tale of Two Sisters by @shollywills

"My sister and I look so much alike that it's hardly to tell us apart. She's my younger sister but the resemblance is striking. Some even call us twins when we go out together. But our taste and character is so much apart maybe because we grew up in different environment. She grew up with our grandparents while I grew up with our parents."

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The Burden of Last-Born Child by @wolfofnostreet

"I was one of those kids people would refer to as mummy's pet or daddy's pet and I simply hated it. I might have been the last child, the second one after many years of waiting, but I wasn't the spoilt last born people pointed me out to be. Today, both my parents boldly beat their chests saying they didn't raise a fragile last child."

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Position, Experiece, Impact by @leemah1

"I came from a polygamous family, my dad have two wives where mum is the second wife. My dad have thirteen children where I happened to be in the ninth position from my dad and from my mum I was the second child.As you all know, in polygamous family the second wife are always to blame for stealing another woman's husband but my mum case is different because it's not what she wants, the marriage was an arranged one and she have to do her father's wish."

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Firstborn by @isgledysduarte

"I am the eldest daughter of four siblings, this meant a lot of things, or well they mean. The eldest child is delegated many responsibilities and more things are always expected of him. In my home being the first born I will not deny that I was spoiled, but in the same way overprotected, to the point that my school was a Catholic school for girls only."

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A Pink Afternoon by @gledys19

"This afternoon I received a very peculiar invitation from a friend, she told me, "I invite you to a coffee afternoon", and I was happy and delighted because I love to drink coffee, I thought it would be something monotonous, just some women there and that's it."

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Family Tree by @reineesmay

"Growing up as a last child was pretty much lonely and independent. I can say I grew up as an independent child and that alone shaped the kind of person I am today. My immediate elder brother is older than me with six years, so while I was still small they were all leaving home, gaining admission into the university and I was home alone."

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I am Number One by @tibaire

"That beautiful, thin and naive woman one day fell in love with a man, or rather she thought she was in love, so she gave herself in soul, mind and body and like a children's story, the man sowed a small seed inside her that was germinating, growing and developing. Nine months later his first born, yours truly, who writes for you, was born."

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Concurso de la Comunidad Ladies of Hive by @rosz

"I think we all want more, there are people who work half as much as we do and earn three times as much, it's a reality of life, however I feel like I'm evolving and that's good for me, it feels good to make a post and be voted for by a great curator, Not all posts are going to be that lucky but if I think I'm above average in that sense, I work here at hive and I think I'm well rewarded. in life in general too, I have a job that doesn't seem the worst to me, it's hard but I feel well paid, maybe because I'm Venezuelan and I'm working in France "

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We are a Large Family by @g2ml

"My mother worked hard and helped everyone equally, in every situation, if she had the possibility she gave them her support, like a self-sacrificing mother. As every family has virtues and defects and I like that position. We are blessed at this time to be united, achieve some goals together, and transmit these values to our children and nephews, every week we share lunch at my mother's house and when everyone arrives that day, it seems like a party! Or if someone has a birthday, it is not necessary to invite others because we are a large family!"

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I am No.5 (Lastborn🙃) by @isabeell577

"So I was born into a nuclear family, we are three girls and two boys I'm the last child of my Family. There's this popular perception that last borns are minister of enjoyment, it's true though but my Mum did not give me that chance, my Dad was Liberal with me, my Father never go out and don't buy something for me, he gives it to me to share to others 😂😂. I remember my second brother will tell me all manner of lies to woe me so I will share my snacks with him and I always fall for his tricks."

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Soy la Hermana Mayor by @brujita18

"Being the eldest, I was like the "experiment" of learning in matters of parenting for my parents, because with me they experimented the first time for everything and being an only child, without siblings until a certain time, that influenced me to be raised very strictly among adults, since around me I had no children to live with, only at school, that resulted, that I matured very fast despite my age and had responsibilities since I was a little girl."

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Undeserving But Deserving by @hopestylist

"In live we have so many oppositions from both those that are close to us and even those we barely know but in all these we have one thing that either helps us keep our head on track or makes us fall and that is our self-worth. Self-worth in simple terms, is the value we place on ourselves as individuals. It can be negative or positive and everyone has placed a value on themselves either knowingly or unknowingly and I'm not exempted."

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A Hidden Blessing in a Difficult Situation by @jane1289

"Oftentimes, we consider one a blessing if we received it in a positive situation. But during difficult situations, we often become blind and frustrated. We become blind that we don't acknowledge the situation from a positive perspective as it impacts our life negatively. We become frustrated by the unfavorable consequences and consider ourselves unlucky or unfortunate. Little did we know that bitter trials are often blessings in disguise and some blessings are hidden in difficult situations."

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La Tercera de Diez by @yole

"I was always very close to my mother, so in each pregnancy and the process of having a little brother, when I was old enough I began to help my mother in everything I could, I took good care of my younger sisters and brothers, I believed that in that aspect I matured early, I felt empathy for my mother when taking care of the children at home and it was part of my responsibility to help in everything, that helped me grow as a responsible woman, my taste for taking care of the most also grew small, so much so that when my older sister had her first children she brought me to the city and my role was to help her take care of her children."

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I Am Appreciated by @adaezeinchrist

"The truth is: we all have our weaknesses and short comings, but being able to over look those weaknesses and accept you the way you are is the main issue here. For me, I will say that God decided to show me mercy by given me the kind of family and friends who knows my worth and accept me for whom I am."

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No Soy Ni la Primera Ni la Ultima by @yannet80

"The truth is that I am neither the first nor the last, I am the second of 5 siblings, for reasons of life my older sister did not continue studying, she could not even get her high school diploma, my mother always looked for ways for my older sister to continue studying to get her high school diploma and start a career, she enrolled her in private schools after having been in public schools, but it was impossible, My sister got married very young and had her first child, as a result of all these events my mother did not want me to go through the same thing, so she looked for possible ways for me to start a career when I finished the 5th year."

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Birth Order: Second Born by @melyxaluna

"As a scientist, I often over analyze information and data which can be mentally exhausting. That is not a bad thing in the laboratory, but in social interactions this analysis can be emotionally draining. I've been interested in the concept of birth order for quite some time. It is so fascinating. I often find myself in conversations with family, friends, and colleagues about birth order as well as the facts of their birth. Most people I've met know their zodiac sign as well as their siblings if they are not an only child."

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My Older Sister Had the Softest Hands by @truelovemom

"My older sister and I differed, as we grew up, in the type of relationship we established with our mother. She was and still is very close to mom... she practically stayed by her side all day talking, at times she was alone or busy studying or doing whatever. I was more independent. I liked to play with the boys and go out to the street, I was happy if they sent me to buy something alone; the brother who follows me is 4 years younger than me. My older sister never did any of these things. She didn't bother me to collaborate with the housework. My older sister always kept her hands very smooth... I think they never knew the soap to wash or clean the dishes. "

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