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How do you handle criticism? by @nill2021

"We know we are not perfect but most of the time criticism is a little complicated to handle because we all believe we are wise in our own opinion, we disguise it with the phrase constructive criticism to have the right to give an opinion in the life of another person believing we are right."

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Between Criticism and Opinions by @chaodietas

"Criticism is an opinion of someone who points out a particular aspect accompanied by a suggestion. This suggestion must to contributes to improve the evaluated aspect, makes the criticism constructive. What happens when the criticism is not accompanied by a suggestion? It is only an opinion and has no further contribution. However, it must remembered that criticism, despite being accompanied by a suggestion, but without empathy, education, and an autocratic way, also becomes just a simple opinion."

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Sudden Good-bye by @callmelula

"The little brother that I would always protect and took the punches from. The one that will always gets into trouble but will help me the moment I ask. The naughtiest and can bring joy to everyone around him. The one who laughed on all serious matters. The one that will entertain even stranger. I love him with all my heart. The pain and heart breaks of losing him still there."

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Handling Corrections or Criticism from Other People by @tuocchu

"To live in life, surely we have received more criticisms from other people inlcuding our relatives, friends, co-workers and even from strangers. There are right, wrong corrections from them to us. The priority part of me need to do is about knowing myself exactly as who I am."

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Cricism and Fun Times by @purrix

"I have always tried to please her far above my desires and was frustrated that I could not get things right from her point of view. She has a very sharp tongue when it comes to telling "truths" and is not measured in her words, but also does not tolerate being equally honest with her. If I tell her what I think or try to defend my point of view, she immediately gets upset and says I need to go to therapy, because "I have a serious problem"."

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Criticas y Diversion by @yeceniacarolina

"I do not tolerate people who seek to belittle me with a comment that is clearly unhealthy, but I always try to take a step back and react in the best way. It has not always been easy for me to do that. Before, I didn't react very well and I used to be arrogant and arrogant, but when I learned that everyone builds their thoughts and realities based on their beliefs, well, I started to become a little more responsible for my reactions."

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Do Women Have to Smile at All Times by @atomz

"When you’re a woman, it can feel like you’re constantly under scrutiny. From strangers and even your friends, people seem to think that you should be smiling all the time. But is that necessary? If someone doesn’t like you or is just being polite, a smile won’t fix that. Smiling because people expect you to smile won’t change anything either. It will not alleviate stress or make you feel any happier than before. It could make things worse if you let yourself become too accustomed to always being happy and pleasant."

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Accepting My Mistakes by @tibaire

"You have heard the phrase: "When the disciple is ready, the master appears". A master appeared in my life, and not just any master. No, it was not a spiritual master, rather it was a very earthly master, he was my boss. The first great lesson he gave me "When you make a mistake, say it before they find out", his explanation was: that gives you power, you realized it and you said it, then you are a reliable person. You don't hide, but show your mistakes."

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My Response to Criticism by @suchabeaut

"To me, criticism is inevitable, at some point in life everyone will face it. Sometimes we try to avoid it by staying away from things and doing nothing that will make us not get criticized or judged. This can make us feel uncomfortable, lack confidence in ourselves and can be very unpleasant too. But how long can we stay without taking certain actions that concerns our lives just because we don’t want to be criticized, which involves our relationship with family members, colleagues at work and friends."

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My Moments of Fun by @freidimar18

"One of the things I love, is to spend good times and enjoy what I like the most and what makes me happy, besides that it relaxes me a lot. Under this context, based on my tastes I think that what I will mention below I know that for most people it is usually something boring because many define fun as an outing to a party with friends. In my case I am more of a simple person who likes to stay at home and enjoy reading a good book, create content, play video games, make up or just be at home chatting with my parents, siblings...."

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What is Fun by @hindavi

"First of all, we have to know what is fun. many definitions are there but my definition is fun that activity makes me happy, joyful, and a good feeling overall in my body, mind, and soul. But nowadays people don't have time for that because of busy life, competitions in work, education, society, earning money, Tied up under certain structures, and don't want to come out from that. The routine in everyday life, nobody wants to change it. I am a very open-minded person for fun I can find anything for fun."

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Criticism and Parenting by @estherscott

"One of the many traits that I am not proud of is that 70% of the time, I am a people pleaser, so I take to heart what people say about me, criticism or correction...I take it a little too personal. I could go for days thinking and thinking and dwelling on a particular comment and it can destabilize me. It is even worst now as a mother. Somehow, I learned to handle corrections or criticisms made at me, but it breaks me when I get criticized for not doing something right when it comes to my child."

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How to Handle Corrections by @nayromero

"Personally, I believe that everything depends on the criticism or correction that they make of us. I have always heard a saying that seems to me to be very accurate: congratulations in public are corrected in private. Of course, that depends on many things because, as is normal in our learning and training process, we live in constant corrections from those who teach, so in this case I consider them positive."

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If they criticize you... by @vicmito74

"It is always good to know what we are doing right or wrong, personally I appreciate good advice, those that help you to be a better person, not those that destroy and make you feel less; to correct is to make a defect, an alteration or an imperfection diminish or disappear; but imagine how boring it would be if we were all perfect hahahahahahaha; we have all been created from love and as such we are special, with virtues, defects and many qualities that at some point are not pleasant to other people."

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My Fun Activities by @esther-emmanuel

"Having activities that bring you joy and relief from life stress, is worth looking forward to. When we create time to do our fun activities, it helps us to be more productive and it gives us the time to relax, be happy and have fun. Some of us are not opportune to do fun activities, because of how busy we can be with our life activities sometimes. If You don't create time to do your fun activities, you get drained little by little till you have no more to offer yourself or the people around you."

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Things I do for Fun by @otuyanancy

"There many things I do for fun especially when I'm bored. I'm sure most of us here have one or two things we like doing, if not everyday but at least once in awhile. Some of the things I do for fun include blogging has become part of me, there is no day that passes by that I don't check my blog sites. I make sure I check my notification, engage in people's posts and lots more, I also try to check if I can write an article. I do this everytime. If I may confess, blogging has helped me in terms of writing and otherwise."

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Criticism- How I deal with it by @thaocherry

"Everyone has their own way of dealing with criticism from others. Listening to other people's criticism is really uncomfortable, isn't it? each time, I would feel unhappy at first, and then sometimes feel low about myself, thinking that I didn't do well. but sometimes I will get angry at people who criticize me, I think they are not me so they don't understand my way of doing things, I also think they are arrogant too. Looking back, I think I was really mean."

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Welcome to our New Apartment by @emuse

"I hoped that we could do some changes before we moved in, but it would cost more than if we did it ourself. The only thing we didn't like as much was the bathroom. The furniture on the kitchen isn't exactly how I wanted it. But that isn't prioritized. The good thing about waiting so long to move in, is that we can save money to new furniture. We are only keeping our bed, the dining table and our outdoor furniture."

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