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Unbelievable Event by @cescajove

"I have always believed that life has no thorns from its rose, at least that was when I had no idea that things could ever go south for me, growing up seems like a burden to me cause I realized the trouble I saved my parents from!

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The Most Devastating Event in my Life by @nkemakonam89

"Many times, life puts us in some situations so traumatic that we find it difficult to let go of our minds. What could be so devastating than losing our loved ones? Death is a nasty experience for everyone no matter how we try to be strong, it's expected that with time, we forget and move on with our lives but it's difficult for some people including me."

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My Identity by @deraaa

"Everyday, we learn something new. Our values, our character, our beliefs and our ambitions, these all get moulded from our experiences, our environment and our will. One way or the other, we decided internally on certain courses of actions to take for improvement. Some may have done a mental inventory and gotten rid of all extra baggage. Yet, all these are only possible when there is realization."

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Giving an old mirror new "old" look by @moonlight222

"I would like to share with you how we painted mirror to give it a new look, but an "old" look. We wanted for it to look like it's very old, and that mirror is scratched so old colors are visible in some places. The mirror that was re-done was white, and that's convenient, but I think you can do it with any base color as long as your paint is strong enough to cover it."

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Devasting and Insightful Time in Life by @tuocchu

"Up till now, my life went through the ups and downs of the family tragedy. This drama finally came to an end after 15 years. A lot of mentally violences happened with my mom and I when I was a little kid, so that I could not forget and was obsessive with it for a long long time. The worst moment happened in my life is the day my dad hit me a lot and had in his mind to kill me deliberately."

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My Grandmother by @carminasalazarte

"I remember going as usual to my high school and as usual she prepared lunch. She offered me a plate of food and I told her not to worry, that I would be fine. She looked at my face and was smiling, I knew she didn't like it when you leave without eating but I had no appetite. So before I left I gave her a big hug and asked for her blessing. That was our last hug, our goodbye."

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The value of having what it takes to be happy by @rosauradels

"It is very interesting to see how the life of minimalist people is, one of their qualities is their dress, it is not true that we only have to dress in white or black or gray, this is not true, but I think that the reason why we have colors or we use such basic colors the minimalist ones is because it is easier to dress."

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Losing the One You Love by @dayadam

"My grandmother was always a woman of temperament, not in vain she raised 7 children practically alone, she was a warrior woman, fighter, but at the same time simple, and I consider innocent, a woman of the people, who raised me, and took care of me with all the love that a mother can give, and she did it while my mother worked, and that is why I lived with her until I was 15 years old."

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In Distress by @sommylove

"People now Leaving there comfort zone don't know what awaits them outside. The country is becoming too bad for living 😞.The countries has been terrorized to much. Bad news flying up and down which are very unpleasant to the ear. Some bad news are sometimes unbelievable along the long run sources proves it right and to our wonder for how long , till when."

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Wednesday Walk Down Memory Lane by @sisterhood2

"Our house is a walking distance of the school. This was our daily walk going to and from the school. It used to be a dirt road but now it is paved, a sign of progress. When we moved to Manila, a neighbor and family friend bought our house and moved it to another part of the Barrio. Here it is now- still standing after so many decades. I am surprised! Ah..nostalgia, it haunts!"

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Ladies of Hive Community Contest by @jmis101

"She couldn't move and she was in a lot of pains. Night was the longest of all, I never slept for a day because the pains increased at night. I felt the whole thing and it broke my heart to see her in such condition, and African mothers can lament a lot.This alone made me more disturbed, I was confused I didn't know what to do, I was in distress. Before we know what was going on the leg developed a wound like foot ulcer expending."

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The Most Devastating Event in My Life by @marinast

"He was the closest person to me besides my parents and we were always together. We would go everywhere together and do everything together. Now that he's gone I feel as if I don't really have anyone left anymore. He was my best friend and the only person who understood me completely. My family tries their hardest to comfort me, but they just don't understand how much I miss him. They tell me to move on and get over it already, but how can I possibly move on from something like this?"

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El momento mas Devastador y mas Revelador de mi vida by @albanyescribe

"That night my agony began, was I pregnant or not pregnant? If I was pregnant, I did not feel ready to have children, if I was not pregnant, then I would have to have surgery. For this the doctor had referred me to the public hospital in the city where we lived, because we did not have insurance and much less money to pay for a stay at the clinic. So at night and in the light of the full moon with my husband at the wheel, in total silence, we took the road back to the city where our parents lived, which was an hour's drive away."

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A Woman Who Cries in Silence by @nill2021

"Crying is an outlet that we use to drain feelings that oppress or gladden the heart ❤️ we have all cried in silence in that place where no one looks at us to avoid being judged our pillows mirrors and bathrooms are witnesses of our tears I am one of them I do not like to feel vulnerable in front of others even if I am consumed by sadness to avoid being singled out."

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The Most Beneficial Experience by @lett

"The most beneficial experience I've had in my life is when I got my first job after graduating from college. It was a job as an assistant manager at a local retail store. The job was pretty much a stepping stone to bigger things, but I really enjoyed working there for several reasons..."

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Tears, Passion, and Happiness by @tibaire

"I was a young woman of almost 36 years old and I was lost. I didn't know who I was, what I wanted out of life, let alone where I was going. Yes, I was what you might call a leaf thrown overboard, a "victim" of circumstance or in other words adrift, anywhere was appropriate for me. This is my melodramatic moment of the story hahaha. I blamed everyone and everything for my circumstances. I was filled with anger, a lot of anger towards... "

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