SilverSaver888's Weekly Selections, Week 4

These articles are my Weekly Selections for the fourth week. I limited myself to curating articles from those posted at Ladies of Hive community.

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The Role of Women in Society Yesterday and Today by @royvego55

"My favorite phrase is: Dreming is the beginning to materialize. Thanks to the dreamer that I am, I have achieved all my proposed goals and I have gradually fulfilled my dreams."

Day On the Town with Baby by @borderline.babe

"All in all, I would have to say it was a very amazing day! I even have a five alarm sunburn to show for it!"

Women Then and Now by @bloghound

"I am tough and strong, badass and can live independently. I can handle anything life throws at me - everything for my family especially for my daughter."
A Tribute to the Maid Marion by @artemislives
"What endeared Marion to me was the way she engaged the women in her world to become a collective force to be reckoned with. Marion and I also had the joy of working with two very special donors and women of philanthropy, both since deceased: the inimitable Roslyn Smorgon and the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch (yes, Rupert's mommy)."

She Should Be Treated Like A Queen by @blezedoh

"Women should be treated with more love and respect because we deserve to be happy. I will say I love the era we are now, and I even want something more better. We are queens and we should be treated as one.😎"

We Are All Great In A Different Ways by @funshee

"A woman can do better when supported and empower instead of tramping down our right. I believe we all are equally great in a different ways."
Que piensa sobre la forma en como se han tratado a las mujeres en el pasado y como se les trata ahora? by @sonipar52
"Vague memories go through my mind when I was a child, despite my young age I noticed the inequality between mom and dad because she was dedicated only to the home and very submissive, while he worked, went out with his friends even for several days."

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