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And what a wonderful opportunity to pick five articles from Ladies of Hive, which is my main focus!

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If I were to get pregnant with the boy who is now my boyfriend, I would probably go to live with my in-laws, which would be a nightmare for me, because I know I am not ready to face a life full of problems with other people, which would surely depress me a lot despite carrying an innocent baby in my belly.
Being a mother at this age for me would be a big challenge because being a minor and being pregnant I would not be able to work and the boy who would be the father would also have serious problems having to leave his studies to work, probably the support of his parents would be a reason to want to dominate me and that would be a great pressure although we both say we feel something for each other that kind of situation would put our relationship to the test of fire.
For me because of the age I am now to get pregnant would be terrible news for my parents and although I know it would be a temporary inconvenience because it would be their first grandchild I am sure that the first few months they would be angry with me and I would not have their support.So I would be between a rock and a hard place, uncomfortable and pregnant, with everything the most a girl can expect from her partner is emotional support, if he is immature full of insecurities and is not able to assume his responsibility that shows how immature he is, that for a girl like me would be a reason to feel alone, that would be my biggest sadness , because the behavior of my in-laws I could tolerate it for a few days until I explode of annoyance馃槄. At that point where there is so much insecurity on the part of the guy because he does not defend me our relationship I could think about making the decision to leave him and assume all the commitment for the annoyance that I would have for everything, the bad thing is that there are feelings like love that prevent you from making a decision, it would be complicated if I feel something like that.
For me living with abusive in-laws would be a problem that is solved by leaving that place and getting away from their radar, leaving the father of my child would be another very serious decision that would depend on many things mainly on his maturity because I can love him very much the truth is that above that relationship would be my son who would be my priority and of course I also have to think about me. If I make the decision to leave that guy it would be for his lack of maturity to face things, it would be a painful decision for the sake of my son and mine.
That would be a very important decision for me, the issue of the in-laws would be overcome, however breaking a relationship with the father of my child at a time as important as the pregnancy of my first baby is a challenge, what I am sure is that I would look for a way to get away from my in-laws because being in a house full of complaints and abuse is the worst, I think no woman deserves it, I do not want my son to grow up in a place like that, you have to have the courage to face that kind of experiences.


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Let's paint this scenario, you both committed the forbidden act. (the guy probably enjoyed it more. Don't ask me how I know 馃槂馃槂馃槂), then she went through the process of pregnancy with all that comes with it, her body changing and all that plus the excruciating labor pain. Now after bringing forth a child, you and your families still decide the best thing I deserve is maltreatment? Nothing will make me waste my time with such families, I would leave immediately for the sake of my mental health and the safety of my child. I would work harder and raise my child alone. Now I am not saying it will be easy but I would choose that over any form of maltreatment over and over again.
In summary, the best thing is to abstain from premarital sex. Use your time wisely. Go to school if your parents can afford to send you, learn a skill, and think of ways to earn something for yourself no matter how little it is so that you would have no reason to settle for less.


Link to article: @praiselove/reasons-for-a-careful-decision

One of the biggest things I have learnt as a lady as I grow older is the consciousness to be intentional about right decision-making Decision-making is a crucial aspect of our everyday life right from the smallest of things to the biggest, It the ability to choose what is worth it and also what you really want. Love is worth to be choosen for it is the way to peace, as a lady I would consider a careful decision about whom to love, because its the indirect way of rejecting heartbreaks, trauma, depression,and violence choosing to love some one is a choice.
Choosing peace over negativity, physical, emotional and mental abuse.
To be able to choose whom to love is like being granted the privilege to choose the quality you want in a person,things like how kind one is Should be checked, his level of honesty and maturity, a man who would understand me easily and I would do that over and over again, I know what works for me, I know my love language I know what I want and I would go for someone who has the characters and qualities that I can easily fit into for the sake of my mental and emotional health, someone who will bring out the best in me not someone who will deplete my energy and strength.
I know I am a woman who deserves to be loved and to be loved right because I believe in love and I know that the choices I make today will affect and influence my outcome tomorrow when you love its like giving the person power over your emotions, giving the person keys to your happiness no matter how hard we try they will always influence our happiness, peace and joy and my peace and joy plays a major role in all aspects of my life be it our spiritual life mental health my job etc
Joy has a way of increasing our life span so if wrong decisions are made on who we are in a relationship definitely our life is at stake because depression can kill and it's a silent killer, to avoid all these negativity I would choose a peaceful mindset which can be better if am with the right person and if am being loved rightly, and this is centred by our decisions, life may sometimes be rough but being with the right person will make it much easier, I care about the present situation and the future situation and I know that my decision on whom to love will affect my present state and my future my mental health will be at stake, once a person is stressed mentally, emotionally and otherwise it affects everything in her life and I would not like to do such to my self.
In summary, I absolutely cherish healthy relationship because they bring about stability and peace of mind. I believe I need the right people to be in a better state of mind.
Finally in all of lifes hustle and bustle, I've learned not to allow myself fall into depression because I don't want my mental health to be at stake.
Personally I'd say, cherish your mental health, have healthy relationships and try as much as possible not to let earthly and temporary things define your happiness. This will go a long way help one achieve mental stability.
Choose peace.


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When it comes to choosing whom to love, there are a lot of factors to put in place. For me, the first thing I check out is the God factor in you. I am a Christian, and I believe strongly that before a man can truly love, he must have deep reverence and fellowship with God. God is the only reason why he won't behave in certain ways, and vice versa.
Secondly, Compatibility. I can love you at first, but as long as we are not compactible, it will be difficult to keep anything between us.
But after thinking it through, I got to realize that who we are today is a result of what we sowed yesterday, and what we will reap tomorrow will be a result of what we are sowing today. It's so easy to conclude that you never know what the future holds for someone. But the truth of the matter is that there's nothing in the future. The future is what you make of it today.
I have heard friends say that "the ugly caterpillar you see today can become a beautiful butterfly tomorrow." No doubts. But if that caterpillar doesn't pay the price of feeding so well, it might never live to become a butterfly.
With all these being said, I would say that I still care about the future result, because if I can love you at the present, then I can love you forever. So my conclusion on this is that I care more about the present moment.
Besides, I don't even know what the future holds (smiles).


Link to article: @beysyd/past-present-and-future-contest-173-eng-esp

At some point in my life, specifically in my youth, I considered myself spontaneous when it came to love, or at least that鈥檚 what I think now. I have always said that I had many boyfriends, I did not worry about the future because I did not see myself in a long-term relationship, in fact, I had not had a relationship that lasted more than a year. I lived without worrying in this sense, if it worked for a while, it was perfect, but if the relationship ended for any reason it was not bad to die, if not that one, it would be another one.
Anyone who reads me will think that I was free in life and the truth is that I was more focused on studying, working and partying with my friends without giving explanations to anyone. Now I look back and I don鈥檛 regret having enjoyed all my stages including being single without commitment.
Now everything is different, always comes that person who makes you change your mind and suddenly you realice that the years go by and celebrate the first anniversary and the following ones, and so on, you start to care about the present and also the future. You start to value presence and commitment, this makes you not want to do anything that jeopardizes your surroundings.
I think that when we take care of and work on our present we are preparing our future. The decisions we make in the present will affect the future and if you want a future where love is part of your life you work on that love.



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