Make a Minnow is Back! And This Is The Nomination Post #1

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We start a new stage in HIVE and we are pleased to announce the return of our Make a Minnow (MaM) contest

Welcome to the Make a Minnow #1 contest on Hive!

This is the nomination post!

First, a public thanks to @juliakponsford and @clayboyn for their past work organizing MaM. We remain forever grateful and wish them the best in their future endeavours. The MaM team welcomes @victoriabsb and @angelika7 as the new MaM Organizers.

This initiative awards a minnow who creates quality content and supports fellow content creators by giving them a delegation prize as a reward for their effort! Giving our minnows increased curation influence benefits the entire Hive ecosystem and should be considered a great honor.

The prizes for this round:

  • 10k PAL POWER delegation for four weeks for first place: sponsored by @minnowsupport
  • 5k HP delegation for four weeks for first place: sponsored by @eturnerx
  • 10 Hive Staked Based Income (SBI units - @steembasicincome) for first place, 3 for a second, 1 for third: sponsored by @eturnerx.
  • MaM Winners join the MaM Founders.

Contest details

The contest is now open for public nominations.

  1. The nomination round lasts one week.
  2. Any personal account with less than 10,000 HP that adheres to PAL values is eligible for nomination. Community/group/bot accounts are not eligible for nomination.
  3. The nominator must be a member of PAL/MSP in good standing, delegating at least 10 HP. Only one nomination per user.
  4. Nominations may include a link to a post in support of the nomination. Such posts help the Founders decide the winners.
  5. The top five nominees, ranked by nominations, will be considered by the MSP Make a Minnow Founders. The Founders will decide the winner from the nominees in a private ranked choice vote.

How to nominate

Please make a top-level comment on this post (meaning a direct reply to the post and not another commenter)!

Please use the format:

I nominate @username

The bot will then reply, confirming whether or not your nomination is valid. If you have made a post supporting your nomination, then link it in your nomination comment.

We trust you will nominate carefully with the PAL (Peace, Abundance and Liberty) values in mind! Best of luck to all nominees!

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