Hivekaleidala - My First PALnet NFT

I did it! I minted again. Not a NFT Showroom or Lensy one but a PALnet NFT!


There was a certain theme repeating on the NFT site, few Hive logos and couple of kaleidoscopish images and that reminded me of a piece that I did at the time when Hive was just few days or few weeks old. Actually I can't remember how old Hive was then but I think few weeks is a pretty good guess.

So I though that my Hivekaleidala found a home and there it now sits.


Owning this piece will grant you the awesome feeling of owning this piece of a kaleidoscopish mandalapish (f)artish lacelike Hiveish logoish badge. The badge also grants you the nonpassable ifpossible permission to ask and wish anything from the maker of this badge, the badge parent, although answers are not guaranteed and any wishes may come with an unexpected cost that you never can prepare adequately enough. I mean, how can you prepare to nothing? You wish for something and then, nothing, because that is possible too. Nothing is always a possibility and an impossibility at the same time. Anyway, owning this badge is like the thing when you save someones life, then they are your baggage forever. Forever! FOREVER!!! Owning a piece of someones soul is a terrible burden and have I now warned you enough? Oh, you want facts? Here comes: the size of this little piece of my soul: 17,1 MB, 5000 x 5001 px, RES 300. TAKE ANOTHER PIECE OF MY SOUL. TAKE IT! JUST TAKE IT! You can also commercially use this piece of my poor soul.

I would have made more than 15 editions if I would have had more loose PAL but as I couldn't (didn't want to) wait anymore for the rest or the PAL to unstake itself, 15 editions is what I got. Minted. Tokenized.

And don't worry about the text, It's just text. It's just text.

Anyway, I think it's great that people can tokenize NFTs in PALnet too. As @juliakponsford said here:

I think this will be a great use case for NFTs that are not art and don't fit within curation guidelines for NFT Showroom such as memes, hive related badges, gifts or any other uses you can think of

I had no good idea for a meme but did have a ready made Hive badge, although I have no idea what you can do with it or what you could get with it, it's just there, a badge you can own but I guess that's the function of all badges, you can just say they are yours, after you've earned or bought it so... yes, a Hivekaleidala badge. There. You. Are. Welcome.

Now it's your turn to invent wicked, whacked, weird and perhaps also little bit wise memes and other stuff and mint them in PALnet.

I'll be waiting with my soon to be loose PAL. Unstaked I mean.

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