Japan and the United States have agreed to monitor Chinese naval movements

Taking place in Tokyo, where American President Joe Biden is on the second leg of his Asia visit, attending a host of key meetings with allies, including the quad summit, which will take place tomorrow in a bit to boost the US strategic presence in the Indo-Pacific, aimed at countering the increasing Belgian presence by the Chinese in the region.


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The Japanese prime minister fumio kashida welcomed the american president Joe Biden to the country in a very special ceremony at the akasaka palace so this of course was the grand welcome ceremony of the american president joe biden in tokyo where the anthems of both nations were played following which the two leaders also held a bilateral meeting Leaders of the report indicated that there has been no change in the standard regarding Taiwan, while Fuio Kishida stated that the discussions were highlighted by the significance of peace and has advocated for the peaceful resolution of the cross-strait issues.

The American President confirmed that America will actually help defend Taiwan from Chinese invasion, adding that China is actually flirting with the danger of Taiwan. Thank you very much, Mr Prime Minister, are you willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan if it comes to that? We agree with the one China policy, we signed on to it, and all the attendant agreements made from there, but the idea that it could be taken by force is not acceptable.

Just taking it by force is simply not right; it would dislocate the entire area and result in another action similar to what occurred in Ukraine. Prime Minister Kishida also reaffirmed that the two nations will watch Chinese maritime activities as well as China-Russia joint military drills. He also condemned attempts to change the status of the East China Sea and the South China Sea by force, and confirmed that the two countries are still very committed to ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific, while the US President also reaffirmed America's commitment to Japan's defence and supported Japan's plans to expand its military capabilities.

Now, the two leaders also discussed the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict. Barnes stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be held accountable for the war crimes committed in Ukraine, adding that Moscow must pay a long-term price for the invasion into Ukraine. Prime Minister Kishida also stated that the powers cannot allow for a change of status quo by force in any part of the world.

Tomorrow, President Jovan will attend the all-important quad summit, together with leaders from the quad's other members, India, Japan, and Australia, before returning to the United States. Earlier, we spoke with Professor DJ Brown.

who is an associate professor of political science at Temple University, and this is what he had to say about the bilateral meeting between Joe Biden and fumi kishida, as well as the all-important quad summit that will take place tomorrow. "I think the emphasis is definitely going to be that this is an active and reanimated grouping of countries earlier this year there were some concerns that the quad might be somewhat at risk and earlier this year there were some concerns that the quad might be somewhat at risk and earlier this year there were some concerns that the quad might be somewhat at risk and the reason for this is that clearly there wasn't agreement on the issue of russia's invasion of ukraine with india Taking a different stance, I believe one of the priorities for the Japanese hosts is to demonstrate that, despite their differences, there is a lot of agreement in the Indo-Pacific, that the quad is still active and moving forward in new areas, and that, in addition to the US's Indo-Pacific economic framework, it's interesting to see that it appears likely that a new mechanism for tracking illegal fishing in the region will be agreed upon.

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