The Twitch Switch (Ep 03)

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Oh, nothing... just putting together some nifty #HIVETwitter material. These are the people's graphics, comrades, so if they come in handy for some promo stuff you've got going on, please use them.

hivetwitter wallpaper 01.png

hivetwitter wallpaper 02.png

hivetwitter wallpaper 03.png

hivetwitter wallpaper 04.png

hivetwitter wallpaper 05.png

hivetwitter wallpaper 06.png

I'm using a great free graphics editing software called to make these. You can download it ready-to-go straight from the site. It was the first graphics software I tried when I was getting started 100yrs ago and, while I've noodled around with more advanced (read: expensive) ones, I still love it the best. It's very easy to learn. If you decide to try it out and run into things that make you go Hmmm, I can probably walk you through them.

Note - I don't get anything from the company for promoting the product. But I do get a lot out of being of service to would-be artists... like, personally. So if what you see me doing here inspires to you try something new, it's a win-win type of deal.

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