Thank You, Bernie Sanders!

I'll take you back to earlier this year, when Bernie Sanders was leading in the race for the democratic nomination. Not much talk of #COVID-19 then, and President Trump looked almost unassailable. Bernie was drawing wide support and huge enthusiastic crowds. His people's revolution was actually becoming a real threat to the establishment. The Joe Rogan interview really rattled them. I recall conversations with Trump supporters and pointing out that if Bernie gets the "nom" it'll be one pit bull against the other.

Then the worm turned...

Ganging up on Sanders, the establishment began pulling out all the stops in favor of Biden and we all know what happened after that. The democrats and the so-called "liberal media" fought Bernie relentlessly in order to deny him the nomination. You almost never saw coverage of the huge crowds turning out for him. Yet another progressive dream quashed. For Now... What surprised me was the almost genteel way Bernie treated Joe during the debates and afterward. I kept waiting for him to land brutal counterattacks, but it never happened. Clearly stung by the blame heaped upon him after the 2016 election, Vermont's favorite son didn't want to be seen as weakening yet another democratic candidate.

Now I know why...

It seems he knew what danger "The Donald" represented to our republic sooner than we did. The threat to America was crystal-clear. Once he realized what was at stake, Bernie selflessly stood down and began to support the eventual nominee with a vengeance. He saw what we could not see at the time and took decisive action. If somehow Trump wins on election day, they sure as hell won't be able to say Bernie didn't do his part.

Here's a good and decent man who will likely never run for president again. He put thoughts of his own ambition aside, in order to do what was best for the country. So I hope you join me in taking this opportunity to say "Thank You Bernie Sanders." you've shown us what true leadership is all about. Now let's win in November!

Thank You So Much!

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