Heartbeat On Hive We Are Alive Tribe Curation Collection 247

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Heartbeat On Hive We Are Alive Tribe Curation Collection 247

We Are Alive Tribe

Heartbeat On Hive has been created to support the We Are Alive Tribe Community and to Onboard people to Hive you can read more about our project here.

These curation collections we create will be promoted.

The Plan

Monday - We Are Alive Tribe Curation Collection/Plan Your Week
Tuesday - We Are Alive Tribe Curation Collection/Burn Alive Tokens
Wednesday - I Am Alive Challenge Curation Collection/Stake Alive Tokens
Thursday - Larry is Alive Curation Collection
Friday - Alive And Thriving Curation Collection
Saturday - Alive Weekend Curation Collection
Sunday - You Are Alive Curation Collection

Today we celebrate the I Am Alive Challenge/Stake Alive Tokens

Take Your Alive Tokens For A Boost

All posts curated below are from the We Are Alive Tribe

I Am Alive Challenge

  1. Tell the world that you are alive in a video or photo, and publish it on Hive and We Are Alive
  2. Use Tags #alive and #iamalivechallenge
  3. Share it on Twitter and or LeoThreads
  4. Celebrate your victory everyday


Larry is Alive

Larry the postman delivers quality web traffic everyday you go looking for him to complete his task learn more here about how you can take part and get paid to find him


Alive And Thriving

  1. Use Tags #alive and #aliveandthriving
  2. Share your life journey, and what you do to thrive while living it.
  3. Share your personal and financial goals, how you will reach them and why they are important to you
  4. Live your life to it's fullest, make each day count.


You Are Alive

The @youarealive is our tipping bot here is how it works.

The comment command to send a tip is !ALIVE, and you need to have a stake of at least 1000 Alive Power to use it, this is counted as your own stake not including what you have delegated to others, plus including what has been delegated to you.

We have 4 levels, and the first level is as before while the higher levels are new.

Level 1: 1k AP = 10 tips per day
Level 2: 5k AP = 20 tips per day
Level 3: 20k AP = 30 tips per day
Level 4: 100k AP = 40 tips per day

As we now stake the tips we also expect that the number of stakeholders of ALIVE will increase, and we hope that this will increase demand over time.

So go out and use it.

You Are Alive (1).png

Why Curation Collection?

Curation collections are a great way to increase your network, earn rewards as well as support content creators posts within the community.

πŸ‘‡ Share and Grow Your Network Daily πŸ‘‡

Alive And Listnerd Win Opportunity


πŸ€“Do A We Are Alive Listnerd RunπŸƒ

@imfarhad has a mixed bag kind of day in his Larry is Alive entry into the daily contest

@pedrobrito2004 shares some history about the day of the dead traditions

@assassyn shares his progress playing web3 games in his fitness report

@harpreetjanda completes a never done before DIY project for their I am alive challenge today

@tydynrain shares another day living a naked jungle lifestyle after some miscommunication changed his day

Thanks for reading

πŸ‘‰ @bradleyarrow wants to get you more exposure for your post just mention him.πŸ‘

I have created a curation signature for future posts, so you know you have been curated 🀣

πŸ‘‡This is how it will look from now on.πŸ‘‡πŸ˜Ž

I will be including this content on the @heartbeatonhive curation collection

hboh (250 Γ— 250 px).png

This will include an upvote and reblog of your content.

This will be a regular feature on this account, if you feel like this is something you would like to support please consider delegating the support would be much appreciated.πŸ˜‰

Our Alive Chat
@alive.chat Join us for an alive.chat everyday, Stake Alive Tokens For A Boost


@flaxz announces some big updates regarding how we do moderation and curation of posts promoted by burning ALIVE tokens

@flaxz shares a new reward for Alive Stakeholders introducing Dhedge daily.

@flaxz shares how we are are now paying out awesome tokens to AlIVEM stake holders

@flaxz shares we are updating the curation levels for posts promoted in the We Are Alive Tribe by burning ALIVE tokens.

@flaxz shares how to get your We Are Alive posts promoted using Ecency

For More Curation Collections

@heartbeatonhive sharing our last curation collection of amazing tribe posts.

@aliveandthriving team provides more tribe member content with these awesome post collections

@thisisawesome shares 5 awesome posts highlighted in this curation collection this day plus a prize drawing


Weekly You Are Hive Power Delegators
@youarealive needs a lot of resources to operates it's tipping service here are the delegators

@thisisawesome shares the weekly payouts to delegators plus prize draw

Weekly You Are Alive Delegators

@wearealive shares the alive delegator weekly payouts to Alive And Thriving

Delegate Alive Power
@flaxz announces the paying out of ALIVEM as rewards for delegating Alive Tokens

@flaxz announces adding more decimals to the Alive Mining token.

Community Contests

Alive Burning Contest

aliveburningcontest (1).png

To take part in the ALIVE Burning Contest you need to earn tickets for the weekly prize drawing, and you earn 1 ticket per ALIVE burned when promoting your posts (your own posts) in our tribe interface on, https://wearealiveand.social/


Alive Staking Contest

stakealivegetboostwed-thurs (1).png

To take part simply stake your Alive Tokens on a Wednesday to earn a boost Thursday.

@flaxz shares Alive On Thursdays the staking contest prizes for the weekly stake alive contest

Larry is Alive Daily Prize Drawing
@lukeisalive shares the latest Larry is Alive daily Prize Drawing

Made in Canva
- @benthomaswwd - Moderator

Before You Go

Chance To Win
Simply leave a comment below and be entered in a prize draw.
Winner will be announced in the next Heartbeat On Hive Post.
Win 50 Alive Tokens and good luck.

Proof of Winning Alive




Congratulations @edgerik πŸ˜‰ well done my friend 😎

Below is a market link to the tips we give here on Hive using bots, the plan is to add more tips and rewards moving forward so please look out for that information as we release it.

The Alive Token

The CTP Token

Bitcoin Backed Hive

The Listnerd Token




We have added other tokens that will be given randomly to posts we curate or commentators.



Hive Tipped
22 Entries


Hive Tipped will be given out to people that engage, typically worth 0.01 Hive




πŸ€“Do A We Are Alive Listnerd RunπŸƒ

Simply leave an upvote and comment on the curated selected posts for a chance to win 25 Alive and 25 Listnerd Tokens
Newly Added Extra Earn HBD Tipped tipically worth 0.01 HBD

Leave in your comment on the bottom of this post saying "Listnerd Run Completed" so i can check you have completed the run, i do this by upvoting your comment on each of the posts.

You do not need a FREE Listnerds Account to take part but you may want one, for a Hive Wallet.

The winner and participants will be announced in the next post like below.

9 entries


Please be sure to upvote and comment on all 5 posts to be included in this second draw

Proof Of Winning We Are Alive Listnerds Run




Congratulations my friend @adysscheryl well done 😜

HBD Tipped


New Starting Now


How it will work?

For a chance to win Alive Miner you must enter both draws and reblog the post it is as simple as that the results will be posted here.

The winner will recieve 0.002

6 valid entries





Congratulations my friend @olujose6 well done πŸ€‘

Get Bee Tipped for entering worth 0.01 BEE


@aliveprojects can help your project get off the ground on Hive, through Alive Power Delegations

Hive Power Delegators Thank You

Alive Power Delegators Thank You

Email Subscribers Thank You
Subscribe For Extra Rewards

New mailing list sign up and be rewarded. coming into full effect this week get rewarded daily and weekly plus special prize chances only available to subscribers.

New Discord
I have created a discord for the project so i can help people with support on Hive and as a bridge to onboard people from centralized platforms.

It will also be a place i can run more contests in real time.

There will be Hive rewards as well as other rewards taking place there that you must be on Discord to receive.

I have set up the basics and boosted the server there so come take a look you can even post your stuff there just be sure you are using the right channels and be respectful.

To join is simple Scan The QR Code or Click The Discord Button

More updates coming soon...

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