My rise from the Splinterlands ashes.


This will be my real "first" post in this "collection", i wooke up after the brazen festivities of HIVE hitting the dollar. As usual not at home and not wearing any underwear i quickly gather my strengths to call a taxi. Things had happened, decisions had been made...

And now, the former empire, was no more. i would become the laughingstock of the Blockchains, the idiot that didn't HODL and actually treated his "Investment" as an investment. Selling at a pre-determined price. I had a plan after all. And i executed said plan to the letter, and mae some monnies.

However, i miss my Splinterlands cards and am back to fight you for them... i know i sold them, but now i challenge the keeper to fight me in the Splinterworlds as i rebuild my reputation, skillz and evebn my life. (joke)... I'll be flushing that down the shitter doing hardcore drugs and swearing and Loughlin on screen of course!

However i am also announcing that i will be live streaming me playing as Russia in the game Supreme Ruler the great war, a game i´ve never playes. OR the new Humankind, / I also have been wandering on Crusader Kings III. I was a mad skillbearer in numbero dos,

All comments, engagement and suggestions of tonights game (after the 50 Splinterlands ones) youd like me to check out!

As i finish this post, the broadcast of the night is beginning, If i win 25+ of the 50 matches, i´m giving me myself a blowjob from the fiancé, consent or not! this is SPLINTERLANDS!


Beneficiaries are
@eythorphoto 25%
@amanda.yrr 25% for her work with graphics and the computering works.
@dcityrewards 25%
@homeless-city 25%

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