A [Steam Deck] Collection - Yea or Nay? Hivers Opinions On the Handheld

Steam Deck is Valve's attempt at creating a PC Handheld Console. They announced the device and it blows all the competition away in terms of Power, Options and the Price. Steam Deck is set to release in December 2021.

The Console have been received well by the online gaming community. Every YouTuber I watched lists a new reason to love the device, but what does Hive users think? This post is about trying to answer that question.

Below is all the article about Steam Deck on HIVE, (that I could find.) If you know about an article that's not here please tell me about it.

Yea! Praises the Power and versatility. @burnoutawesome is looking forward to Nintendo's response to this.

Yea! @bengy was waiting for something like this to be made.

Yea! @sadbear's bit of gaming news! I liked the Steam Deck part but LOVED the Venezuela part!!

Yea! @jaalig buzz about Steam Deck: "gearing up to become the new king of mobile gaming!"

My article! Yea! Of course~

Thanks for reading~

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